Here is Lexi, a silver labrador retriever who was overbred – every time she went into heat for 6 years – until a local veterinarian in her area discovered and warned that another pregnancy would kill her.  After changing hands multiple times in the next month, Lexi ended up in an overcrowded trailer but with a kind person who asked Golden Bond Rescue to help.  Even though she isn’t a golden, Lexi was scooped up by the local Golden Bond volunteer and moved to a foster home.


After having so many litters (maybe eleven??) and spending virtually her entire life lying down, either pregnant or nursing, in a breeding barn and never allowed inside a house,  Lexi needed to be housebroken and taught some basic manners such as to sit and not to countersurf!   She was also left with severe separation anxiety from all the abandonment (4 homes in a month as she was passed around), as well as excessive mammary tissue and a distended belly from being constantly pregnant and/or nursing.   Her excessive tissue got wrapped around her leg when she sat down or relieved herself.


Lexi has such a sweet temperament, she never complained… surely she was selected to be the “mom” of so many puppies because of her gentle nature.  But she did not deserve to be overbred and left with a disability in the form of such cumbersome “flappage!”






Thank you to the good people at Golden Bond who arranged for a “tummy tuck” and removal of multiple mammary glands to streamline this beautiful girl. The Veterinary Surgical Center in Portland did the surgery and after three weeks of recovery, Lexi is in good shape!   And after three months in her foster home (and now adoptive home) she is calmer and less fearful about being abandoned.  Lexi can now hike and raft and has a whole new life ahead of her.   Thank you, Golden Bond, for rescuing this lovely girl!


Lexi was adopted by her fosters on July 8, 2019