Baby Leo is very acclimated now.  It was a very slow start.  We found that he had food allergies, but now he is on kangaroo and gaining weight!  It took months for him to go up the stairs, but now he runs up them like it’s nothing.

He runs around like a banshee outside doing zoomies. He is really fast and oh so cute! He has 3 beds throughout the house, so he picks where he would like to sleep, but normally it’s by me in our bedroom. He has full run of the house, and is very happy.



This is baby Leo last week on a sleeping pad, that he loves.  It belonged to my last Golden, and it seems he is very attached to it.  He loves to chase water and bark, and he tries stalking 🦅, trying to teach him not too, but it’s pretty instinctive!








Hey everybody! Here I am, the Golden boy you’ve been looking for!  I’m Leo (#2922) and I am one very handsome Golden — so my foster mom says. I came from South Korea. Unfortunately, I came with heartworm disease.  FORTUNATELY, though, GBR took me in and I’ve been treated for it.  I’m healthy now and I will be ready to go to my new forever home March 12th !!!

So total disclosure here . . . I’m a cuddler and love people. I’m not a Velcro dog, but I love having you nearby. I love toys and I always want to have one in my mouth when you come home or I go into the backyard.  I don’t chew things up including none of my toys!! I rarely bark, I don’t dig, but I am a little bit of a counter crawler, but mostly to check things out.

I love going for walks, but my foster mom says I need work on being a perfect dog on the I guess I need to get some training on doing better.  And, I jump up on you when I’m excited.  My foster mom has been working on that with me . . . but I just get so excited I,  Just. Can’t. Help. Myself.  So foster mom says I need some work on that also.  But hey, I love riding in the car and I do great there.

I haven’t been around kids . . . but I’d probably like them . . . but probably older ones because when I get excited I might knock younger ones down.  I haven’t been around cats, but I don’t have any inclination to chase squirrels in my backyard, so maybe I’d be OK with cats? Who knows??

I would probably do best in a home with a very mellow female dog or I think I would be just great as an only dog.   I hope to find a family who will take me for walks and runs, give me lots of toys, food, treats, lots of love and cuddles and be willing to work with my leash and jumping issues to let me become the perfect dog I know I can be.  Could it be with you?

Notes for foster Mom:  Leo is one very cool, gorgeous dog.  He is beyond the puppy stage, but he can still get pretty excited at certain times like when you first get home or he’s getting ready for a walk; also he is really needs work on the leash, so it will take someone who is willing to put in the time, patience and training to help him overcome these things.  Beyond these couple of things, he is a pretty darn perfect dog and just wants to be your lover bug.

Leo was adopted on March 11, 2018

Sex: Male
Age: 2 years
Weight: 53 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Probably; Kids: 10
Availability: ADOPTED