Lenny #2935

Hello America!  My name is Lenny (#2935) and I am 18 months old. My Chinese name is Le Lè, which translated means Happy, that is what I want to make my new family. I am very energetic and could use some training and patience. I am very interested in new people and tend to jump on them. My foster parents are trying very hard to get me to stop this; in fact, my foster dad has almost broken me of the habit. I don’t chew things that don’t belong to me, but I might bring you a sock or shoe if they aren’t put away. I sometimes have selective hearing, especially if something else has gotten my attention; I think I could grow out of this in time. I am very good at sitting and staying, especially if there are treats involved.

I weigh about 50 pounds, and can be a bit strong when walking on a leash. I come from a tough background and I tend not to like other dogs; however, I am working on it and have been getting help in this area. For now, it might be best for me to be the only dog in the house. I will need some time to adjust and socialize. I really like going after a tossed ball or frisbee, and was told I can tire out my people, and something about bottling up my energy?

I don’t know how I will be around little children, I think kids over 11 or 12 would be okay; I would like the challenge of tiring them out! I am housebroken and had a few minor accidents when I was really excited at my foster home. As you can see, when I rest, I like to cuddle up, and help keep you warm!

I want to live up to my Chinese name and not only be happy, but bring happiness to my forever family!

Adoption fee:  $650 plus $35 microchip fee

Lenny is in the Portland OR area


Sex: Male
Age: 1.5 years
Weight: 50 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: No; Cats: Unknown; Kids: 12+
Availability: Now