Laney has given us so much joy since she came into our lives in December. She has come a long way in the past four months… she has completed puppy Kindergarten, she has really felt like our home is her forever home in the last few months and we’re constantly blown away by how smart she is. People are always telling us how surprised they are that she’s such an easy-going pup. She looooves dog parks and likes playing with dogs of all sizes. She especially loves tug of war and will try to get any dog to play with her. She loves sticks but doesn’t quite understand fetch. She isn’t too sure about what she thinks of water yet. And if we ever have a hard time getting her to come inside, turning the peanut butter jar is a sure thing since that’s her favorite treat.

We are constantly telling people our GBR story since we are so over the moon with Laney! We feel so fortunate that she’s part of our family!

Laney was adopted on January 24, 2018