Hi there!  I’m Lainey (#3495), the sweetest 8-year-old black lab you’ll ever meet.  I came from China the end of June and it appears I had quite a few litters before I arrived in the USA.  Now I’m here and ready to learn about the joys of being a house dog with my own family.

So far my most favorite thing is anything food-related, and you should see how I enthusiastic I am at mealtime.  I am a counter surfer, and I will try to see what’s on your counters.  Luckily, I’m so short I can’t really reach any of those goodies up high but I will still try if you aren’t watching.

Another favorite activity is going on walks where I can sniff all the new smells.  Or if you want a dog who likes car rides, that’s me too.  I settle down in the back seat and relax almost right away.

I’ve been a super star with house training, so far not one accident at my foster home!

My back legs are weak, we don’t know why.  It’s possible I was kept in an enclosed space without a chance to build proper muscles.  But with daily walks, good food, and patience I’ve gotten stronger.  I can now navigate the stairs to the upstairs bedroom with no issues although I sometimes lose control on the way down so for now I need a spotter.

My foster family has an adult male Golden Retriever who isn’t good at sharing his toys.  So whenever he wants his toys back I gladly give them to him.  I like having a dog friend around as I’m only just now learning how to play with another dog, and it sure has been fun to learn dog-wrestling.

The thing almost everyone comments on when they first meet me are my extra-large front paws, they’re like boxing gloves and on my short frame they seem to be even more noticeable.  The 2nd thing everyone says after meeting me is how sweet I am.

If you’re looking for a happy pupper who will be a good easy-going buddy I may be the one for you!  I’m going to get some dental issues sorted the second week of August and after that I’m hoping to find my forever fam


Sex: Female
Age: 8+ Years
Weight: 45-65 Pounds
Availability: Adopted
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? unknown
Good with Kids? unknown