Lady lying on rugLady was adopted on March 19, 2017

Hello!  I’m Lady (#2786).  As you can see from my funny photo, I am a dark red, medium sized Golden.  I’m about 8 years old (a Lady never reveals her actual age) and I am extremely full of life. I’m well mannered, listen and come when called. I get along great with other dogs and have no issues with the resident cats in my foster home.

In my previous home, I was around lots of kids ranging from toddler to older teenager and I liked them all. I still need work on not jumping up on people or pawing at them when I want attention; the jumping up generally only happens when I am outside or if I haven’t seen you for a while and really missed you. I also need some leash work as I can be quite the puller but I pick up on things fast and my eagerness to please makes me quick to learn.  I just need to find someone who is willing to work with me.

My foster family thinks I am extremely smart because I mastered the dog door within minutes of my arrival, so no accidents in the house for me! I think I would be a great dog for agility courses or some other activity that keeps both my mind and body working as I am a very active dog when I am outside.  Inside, I am nice and calm (unless I am playing with my foster brothers).

Lady sitting on rugI’m told that I am a Velcro dog because I go wherever you go and I want…no…I need to be with my people at all times. If my people are out of eyesight or reach, I will tell the world how lonely I am with a sort of barky whine. So, with that being said, I would do best if my people were home more than away (my foster parents are gone very long hours and I do fine most days but I would prefer to have more human contact). I am very happy to be curled up on the floor near my people, just waiting for them to get up and go somewhere. I also have no desire to get on the furniture or the bed, and am very happy sleeping on the dog bed next to my foster dad’s side of the bed.

I will play endlessly with my foster brothers, so I would like to be in a home with another dog that also likes to play. I love all kinds of toys but I am the type that very quickly loves the soft ones to death so I will need to be kept supplied with Kongs, nyla-bones, and all the other ones for obsessive/destructive chewers.  I love to play tug of war both with my people and other dogs. I am great at fetching a thrown ball but not great at releasing it so it can be thrown again, so I need some work there. My most favorite things are swimming and all other water sports. I also love to go for car rides and travel very well.

I have been dealing with allergies my whole life so I am quite itchy; it could be corn that I’m allergic to but it could also be environmental.  I will need to be kept on a higher end grain-Lady on rugfree food as well as some kind of antihistamine which I am on now.

I am ready to find my forever home where I can love and be loved.

Adoption fee:  $300 + $35 microchip fee


Sex: Female
Age: About 8 years
Weight: 62 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Yes; Kids: 10+
Availability: Now