All is well here at the Ostler Golden Retriever home.  Kody has adjusted so well to our routine.  He and Annie are always together, everywhere they go.  Annie is relaxed with Kody and has accepted him with open arms.  We went on our first weekend of 1.5 mile trail walks with them both, each day.  Saturday, Kody was all energy and really enjoyed his walk.  Sunday, although Kody enjoyed his walk, he was tired the last half mile.  He was happy to sleep on Monday and catch up on rest.  He does really well on the trail.

We sure love him more each day he’s with us.  He’s such a good boy.  He’s so sweet and loving.  I will cuddle with him on the living room floor while he lays on his side sleeping, and he lets me!  We love that he lays next to our feet when sitting in chairs and outdoors on the deck and yard.  He minds better than Annie, who is the little hunter girl. We enjoy his moaning, his barks, his playfulness, and his waddle when he struts around the yard with me.  Larry even placed him on the couch with Annie while we all sat together for an evening.  That Larry teaches bad habits!

I enjoy coming home at lunchtime to see the two of them.  It makes my day!  So, if you ever have doubts about leaving the Kody boy here, don’t, because we are so thankful for this sweet boy.

Kody was adopted March 28, 2017

Let me introduce myself.  Even though I am sure you saw my cute face on the website as “not yet available”, you should know that I am “available” now!  My name is Kody (#2788), I was found as a stray in Beaverton, picked up by a nice policeman and taken to a shelter.  The shelter vet gave me a thorough going over and determined that I had lots of lumps and bumps.  They weren’t really sure what all was going on so they called Golden Bond Rescue and, of course, Golden Bond took me right to Canyon Pet Hospital.  I did have a chip but my previous owner had not updated it so could not be contacted.  The chip, however, provided my rescuers with my name and age.  (According to the chip I am 11 years old but that can’t be right as I have lots of energy and love walks and playing so I put myself at closer to 9 years old.)

As to my lumps and bumps, Canyon Pet found that I had a very large mass in my abdomen and another fairly large one near my anus and both needed to be removed.  Once removed, the masses were sent in for analysis and both were not cancerous.  What a relief!  Now there are more lumps but due to the fact that the others were not a problem (aside from their large size), it was decided not to put me through any more surgery.  The other surgery took two hours at which time my teeth were cleaned as well (they were in very bad shape) but none needed to be removed.  So at this point, I have a long life ahead of me.

Now as to more important things, like my personality.  I love to be loved!  I could take all of the attention in my foster home but there are three other dogs here all wanting love and attention as well so I have to share — but would rather not!   I am definitely a Velcro dog.  I will follow my person anywhere in the house and I do mean anywhere.  If you don’t want me in the bathroom, do shut the door.  I could certainly live with another dog as I get along with the other three here all very well but like to be center of attention if and when possible.  I should add that I have not been tested with cats, but I don’t chase squirrels so that is some indication that I would probably do well with them.

I love the car and ride in it nicely, I use a ramp to get in the Suburban.  I also love walks but must say I do pull some on the leash, but not too much and my foster is working on that.  I also love toys but I will rip up soft toys with squeakers in them so all those have been picked up here.  Now I now have only hard toys.  (These toys will be sent with me to my forever home.)  I sleep through the night but during the day it is best to let me out every two to three hours as I still pee fairly often since the mass was removed from my tummy, but I am getting much better.  The mass was very close to my bladder so affected that for a while.

My face is as cute as they come, as you can see, but due to all the mats I had when I was found, and the abdominal surgery after I was found, I have a lot of bare spots.  Of course, my hair will grow back with its soft red color.

Needless to say, I am a delightful boy looking for my forever home. Since I love and want all the attention I can get, I don’t want to live with someone who is gone much of the day working.  I am hoping there is someone out there who is home a lot and when going out, loves to take me in the car.  Also I am hoping for walks and hard toys to play with.  If you have another dog that is fine; I have tried to play with the other dogs in my foster home but they just don’t seem interested.

So there you have me and now you know what a great boy I am.  My tail NEVER stops wagging and if you adopt me you can watch it wag for yourself!

Adoption fee:  $200 plus $35 microchip fee



Sex: Male
Age: About 10 years old
Weight: 72 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Unknown
Availability: Adopted