The short story of Kodah….aka the Kodiferous Kodester.

Golden Bond’s miracle foster mom, Betty Lindstrom, was pivotal in our good fortune of having a wonderful dog named Kodah adopt into our family…..She had been dogsitting our semi-maniac rescued golden Buzzy, the crazy black nosed “red headed step-child” of the Golden Bond rescue dogs….We returned from our trip to get Buzzy, and Kodah was there….a fully grown beautiful brown eyed mellow dog who just snatched my heart at first sight.  This super polite dog somewhere learned to look, but not lick….he would never give puppy kisses, he just kissed with his round eyes with loving looks….but never any wet sloppy kisses!   (Believe me, Buzzy makes up for it, he will wash my ears and face all day long if given the chance!

Kodah was  a great big brother to Buzzy, and set mostly good examples, of how to be nice to people, but protective when given security duty.  We fed him well enough that he gave up his “counter surfing habit”…. you could always get his attention crinkling a cellophane bag or bread wrapper that contained any kind of snack food or cereal; his morning routine after his breakfast was eaten would be to stare at the tile beneath my feet to make sure any cheerios or wheat chex that missed the bowl for my breakfast , did not go uneaten!

He was a great pal for Buzzy, they loved to go for car rides, and any stops at a drive through or pulling up to the gas pumps were surely a chance for a milk bone or some nibble.  Buzzy would get a case of the Zoomies, where he tears around the house, studio or yard, and hockey style “checking” Kodah at every pass, but Kodah got pretty good at dodging the supersonic blaze that Buzzy would present.

Kodah’s decline due to a major enlargement of his liver began about a year ago. We treated with several medicines, but apparently the terminal condition was not going to reverse, he actually had a really good run over the year with plenty of adventures, trips and just being the mellow family dog.

In his last week, after an amazing weight loss due to his loss of desire to eat that had developed, he had really lost his energy for life…..but he still steadfastly accompanied me to the shop , studio, or road trip no matter what.  It became obvious that he was really hurting, and his functions were failing or shutting down….it was time to send him away from his pain and bodily torture.

We were once again blessed by the amazing veterinarian service and compassion from Dr Marti at McKenzie Animal clinic with our late afternoon call to see if we could come in to give Kodah a pain free relaxing send off across that Rainbow Bridge. Marti  and her staff of helpers were very comforting, and assured us although this was a very difficult thing to do, it was the right thing to do for Kodah, and we are in effect taking away his pain by accepting it ourselves, a noble blessing for sure.

We will miss his gentle way and loving eyes.  We see him running in fields of green grass and leaping pain free into streams to play with any animal or people person he can find.

With Kodah, it truly was a case of “who adopted who”.




Kodah was adopted on March 13, 2014.

Kodah’s Available Story:

KodahKodah (#2412) is a delightful six-year-old male Golden Retriever. He is a smaller boy, weighing only 60 lbs. Kodah walked into his foster home and made himself comfortable almost immediately. He found the hidden toy box and pulled out toy after toy, scattering them around the house. He made friends with the resident dogs and soon began chasing balls with them.

In his past life, Kodah spent his days in a “dog room” while his previous owners were at work. He had another Golden for company. He did learn basic commands such as “sit”, “come” and “stay.

Kodah is busy catching up on activities that are familiar to many dogs. He is learning to stay in the back area of the car (a doggie seat belt harness or a pet barrier would be ideal for him.) Kodah loves to go for walks. He sits nicely when his harness is being clipped on. He walks comfortably on a loose leash and avidly sniffs every bush and pole. Kodah enjoys running free outside and retrieving balls. He likes to roll on his back in the grass. Kodah usually carries a toy or stray sock in his mouth. He is very gentle as he holds them and does not chew anything except dog bones.

Kodah meets other dogs with a calm sniff and willingness to play. He lives harmoniously with two resident Goldens. Kodah willingly trades bones and other high value treats. He is very patient and tolerant with a bouncy puppy. He ignores the cats in his foster home.

Kodah is the classic people-centered Golden. He stays near his foster people all day long. He is completely house-trained. He sleeps on a dog bed in the master bedroom along with the resident dogs. He hardly barks. We have never heard him growl. He would do best in a family who is with him most of the day.

Kodah does have some special needs. He has allergies that cause itchy skin and occasional “hot spots” (infected patches on his skin.) He needs consistent flea prevention. He eats grain free kibble and treats. He takes 5mg of prednisone daily to prevent itching and scratching; it really is effective. Allergy testing and a new itch preventing medication may be possible in his future.

Kodah’s one “vice” : opportunistic counter surfing. He once ate 10 of 12 cupcakes off the kitchen counter before anyone knew what was happening! His adopter will need to be careful to keep human food out of reach.

Kodah may meet a potential adopter anytime. He will be able to go to his permanent home after his booster vaccines on March 13, 2014.



Sex: Male
Age: 6 years old
Weight: 60 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes but should be introduced properly; Cats: Yes; Kids: Yes
Availability: Now