Hi!  My name is Kirk (#3014) and I’m from China.   I flew in with some of my friends on March 27th.   I had a couple interesting days once I landed and a lot of great people took care of me while I traveled to my foster home.   Once I got there, I met two resident dogs.  They were very curious about me and I them.   I greeted them very appropriately and then just wandered off to check out the new sites and smells.     I think they were confused but that was my plan.  They both eventually came to me so it worked out perfectly.   We all get along fine, even the high strung big boy who I understand isn’t a fan of fosters.   It helps I’m really cute, 85% calm, and pretty easygoing . . . well, except when it’s time to eat.  I am H U N G R Y!  I get soooo excited when it’s breakfast or dinner time.  Believe me when I tell you I know how to tell time.  If you forget what time it is, I will remind you.    I also think every time you give me a bowl of water I need to drink that entire bowl at one time.  Then I have to pee A LOT and often.  (Oops.)   I’m getting better at this, but I’m kind of restricted to how much water I get at a time now.   I’m embarrassed to admit I had no idea what “house-trained” meant when I arrived, so I had some accidents in the house for the first week but I’ve got it now.  I’ve been accident free for over a week!  My foster mom says controlling my water intake is the key and she watches every move I make just to be sure.   (I think she just likes to see me doing silly things.)

My foster mom says I’m one of the best fosters she’s had — and that makes me a good boy.   That other 15% of me is still a dog who hasn’t had a lot of socialization so I either retreat to my kennel because something is making me nervous or I jump around your feet and gently mouth you for attention.   I understand this is really not acceptable behavior and I’m working on it.

My greatest accomplishments since arriving are learning to sit (yup sit!) and go potty outside.   Who knew something so simple would be so hard?!   Now I’m working on stay so that when someone puts my food down I can wait until they actually set it on the floor before I start inhaling it.  Oh boy, that one is hard!

I sleep very nicely and quietly in my kennel at night.  Sometimes I will go in my kennel for no reason other than to rest.   It’s my safe place for now, though I love when everyone is home and I can hang out where everyone else is.   Sometimes I play with the other dogs here and sometimes I roll around on the floor and kick my feet in the air, growl and bark.   Once in a while, I will go find a place to sleep and my head will be against something like the wall or a chair.  I’m not sure why I do this but the people say it’s “cute.”

I am a cautious walker; I like walks but noises still make me nervous.  Sometimes, after walking a few blocks, I’m ready to go back home.   I’m told I walk pretty well on leash.  I don’t pull hard, but I do sway back and forth a bit.  I’m trying to get better because I know walks are really good for me.

I haven’t been around cats so I don’t know how I would react to them.  I’m pretty mellow and the squirrels that drive the resident dogs crazy don’t faze me at all so I think I’d be okay with cats.   I also don’t know my favorite toy because one resident dog is a resource guarder of toys so we can’t have those out.  I have, however, tried to steal pillows from the couch and I will grab a sock or anything else you might leave down that looks fun.   (I love laundry day!)   I will give whatever I take back without much grumbling.  I have a tight grip though so I think I’d be up for a good game of tug a war if you wanted one.

I’m looking forward to meeting my new family and showing them how precious I can be.

Kirk was adopted on April 21, 2018

Sex: Male
Age: Around 5 years old
Weight: 52 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Probably; Kids: Unknown
Availability: Now