Wilson has really came out of his shell since we got him in late January.  He has become a very happy and playful dog!  He loves to run laps in the backyard.  He gets two walks a days and does well with routine.  He is training now and his trainer is very impressed with how far he has come.  He can sit, stay and come, so far.  We are working on down stays and I expect for him to pick that up quickly.   To be rewarded, he prefers touch over food.  He’s also been to one swimming lesson where I could tell he wasn’t quite comfortable but eventually picked it up after 10-20 minutes.   He is about 80% potty trained and it’ll likely take a bit more time to get to 100%.  He is a very smart guy who just needed some guidance.  We are so very happy to have him as our newest addition to the family!

 Thanks so much to all that played a part in our adoption of Wilson!

Wilson was adopted on February 12, 2018