Permanent Foster Early 2009

Kerry (#1675) and two of his brothers came into Golden Bond Rescue in January of 2008; all were in pretty bad shape. They were about 2 yrs old and had been used as bait dogs for a pit bull fighting string. His brothers were adopted out but unfortunately Kerry didn’t have the positive outlook of his brothers and had trouble adjusting to his new life; he would get into fights with other dogs and overall just wasn’t taught how to be a member of society.

Kerry (#1675)Kerry had been moved to five or six foster families and it was at this last one where he must of finally felt safe and at home.  He became a permanent foster in early 2009 after it was determined how aggressive he was, and since he was doing so well with his current foster family, Golden Bond asked if he could live out the rest of his life with them.

In the first year that Kerry was with his permanent foster family; his human dad devoted much of his time working with him and his socialization skills. They eventually were able to go to a local dog park without any interaction issues with other dogs. Now Kerry loves to go on his daily walks, play ball, and romp around with his new siblings.

Kerry will always have scars on his nose and around his eyes from his previous life, the good news is that he loves people and has learned to put that abuse behind him. He has settled quite well into his new life of a pampered pooch.

Kerry’s Available Story

Kerry (#1675Hi, my name is Kerry (#1675). I am a 2 year old male, and I need a loving home. I was rescued from a shelter after my owners got into trouble for mistreatment. My foster family has provided me with a safe, warm home and lots of TLC. My foster parents say I am handsome; I have a few scars on my nose from my sad past, but they are getting better.

I’m having a great time living and playing with my two new Golden Retriever pals. Shea is 8 years old and is the patient mother. Woody is 2 years old and is my play friend. Both of them were rescued just like me.

I may be 2 years old, but I still act like a big puppy. We go walking and running every day; what a joy! I love to run, jump in puddles, and play fetch. I get along well with the other dogs we meet on our walks.

Kerry (#1675)I am learning a lot from my foster parents, but I do need some personal attention. I am working on my separation anxiety, and I am still fearful about being left alone. I do better as long as another dog is with me. I love contact with people and would love to cuddle in your lap (I am pretty big though, about 70 pounds, so only the front half of me fits). I come when I am called, sit on command, and would love to sleep by your bed.

To be honest, I do need some more training. I am a loving, needy dog who needs a patient owner to help me work out my previous mistreatment. I learn quickly though, and I want nothing more than to please. I just need a chance with a caring and committed owner. One of my bad habits is that I get excited and like to jump up and grab hold of clothing. It is not meant as aggressive behavior; I just get too excited. I also love to chew on things when I am not being watched. As long as I have chew toys, they seem to keep me happy.

A note from the foster family:

Kerry is a wonderful dog that just needs some tender loving care. He will reward someone for it tenfold. He is happy and playful, and he loves both people and other dogs. He needs someone to give him the love and attention he so greatly deserves. He will make a wonderful and trusting friend for life.