Blake and I would first like to thank everyone at Golden Bond for this experience and everything that they do to bring these dogs here safely. We still follow the facebook, instagram, and webpage and stay updated on everything that is going on and it really is amazing organization. We also would like to thank Miss Holiday at the Holiday Shelter for rescuing and caring for these dogs while they waited to come over to America.

We picked up Griffin in the very early hours of the morning in Portland, off of the rescue bus that drives from San Francisco up to Vancouver. It was GBR’s first time using the bus so there were a few kinks, mainly with the bus being delayed several hours, but GRB representative, Jack, stayed with us the whole time and had some great suggestions for taking in a new rescue.

Griffin came off of the bus timid and scared, but once we moved him away from the bus and fed him a little he immediately seemed to trust us.  We, of course, fell in love with him as soon as we saw his face with the big droopy cheeks. Adapting to his new home seemed to come easy for him, and it was not long before he began to to come out of his shell. Griffin is very food driven and picked up basic commands very quickly. He now knows sit, stay, sit pretty, lay, and balances a treat on his nose while patiently waiting for us to give him the okay to eat it. Very much a “chow hound” he also had to learn to sit and wait for us to give him the okay to eat (or else he would eat it out of the bowl while we were filling it!).

He is extremely gentle and very, very mellow.  We would describe him as a couch potato dog, although he does have his moments of “wild time” where he will run in circles around the house while shaking his toys.  However, most of the time we will find him sleeping on the couch or our bed.  He is also a very quiet dog, and has only ever barked at his reflection in the TV stand. He doesn’t even bark when someone is at the door, some guard dog!

He (now) loves to go for walks, and one of his favorite places to go is the dog park.  Griffin has to make friends with every dog he meets, and will stand with his chest puffed out and tail curved and wagging until they come to great him.  Originally, Griffin was not fond of walks and would walk at an extremely glacier pace.  It took him about a month of daily walks for him to realize that going outside can be fun. Once he began to like walking he became a bit of a leash puller but he will slow down with reminders.  Car rides on the other hand are still not a fun thing for him as he suffers from what we believe is motion sickness, but he is always happy once he is out of the car.

He has some awkward tendencies and a resting “sad” face that makes him a bit of a quirky dog. But its the quirky things, like the fact that he has a terrible fear of any street grate/manhole cover, that make us love him more.

Griffin has become such a part of our lives and we could not imagine a day without him anymore.

We try to pass on the Golden Bond name whenever we can and people have seemed very interested in it.  Rescuing through Golden Bond is something we would recommend to anyone looking for a golden, and it is an organization we would one day like to work with again. We hope that it can that continue what it does and continues to have the support it needs.

Griffin (Kenny) was adopted on January 9, 2018