Harvi, the lucky puppy.


After a short, harsh and hectic existence, much of which remains a mystery, Harvi, has now become another success story.


Heart-broken when I lost my previous young golden to CHF and really missing having a dog,   I volunteered as a foster home to help rescued Goldens find their forever homes when Harvi, whose name assigned by GBR was Keller, arrived from China.  He was a skinny, hungry, frightened, dishevelled puppy with no muscle mass or tone.  Clearly, puppyhood for Harvi, had been very difficult.  The first night in his new home, he almost broke my pantry door trying to get to the food although he had already eaten!  I assured him that here, his next meal is coming too, no worries.   Thereafter, each new day was marked by Love, good food and Pure Joy!  In just one week, my friends remarked on his marvelous improvement, testimony to what love, healthy vittles, care, comfort, and a sense of security can do for a body and soul.  I considered alternative names for him, so we could begin training as Keller, with my accent, sounded like Killer!  We settled on Harvi, the name he now recognises as his own, secure in the knowledge that when he hears it,  good things are coming! 


The initial days showed Harvi very reticent to leave the house, his new refuge.  After spending his puppyhood stuffed in a cage, the wide open spaces, streets, traffic and cacophony of new sounds scared him.  Nevertheless, we took one day at a time to learn about each other, basic commands, bathroom routines and to explore the beauty of being outside in the magical forests of the Pacific Northwest.  It was an exciting and challenging period of discovery and development for both of us, although Harvi proved himself to be a very smart little puppy, eager to please and quick to learn.  It was wonderful to see Harvi grow and glow as his muscles filled and formed  as he discovered the delights of running through forests and jumping over creeks, fired with a Joy he had never known.  As a dancer, I recognised the thrill he felt as his limbs and lungs gained strength and Life coursed through to his very soul!


Daily, our bond grew and I eventually admitted to both Harvi and myself that he had found his forever home as I could no longer bear to part with him!  We delight in every moment shared and Harvi is now a healthy, happy and profoundly serene puppy, confident that here, in his casita, he shall always have good food and be always wrapped in the warmth and Love that is far better shared. 


The opportunity to host a foster puppy and to work with GBR is more than just about saving dogs but it is also about filling your own Heart and smile every day, a true treasure!

Introducing Keller (#2903).  Keller arrived from China on October 3.  Keller’s foster mom reports that he is fearful of barking dogs. He is afraid to even step outside the house if he hears a dog barking.  The house is Keller’s safe place — and he loves being in his safe place.  Keller’s foster mom is helping him become more comfortable outside.

Keller arrived in the U.S. with little or no muscle tone so he’s working on muscle growth. Keller’s coat is improving with regular grooming, but there are still plenty of matted spots left to get through.  Fortunately, he is a boy who enjoys being groomed

​Other then that, Keller is a mystery that is still being unraveled.  If you enjoy a good mystery he may be the boy for you.

Keller was adopted on November 11, 2017

Sex: Male
Age: Just over 1 year old
Weight: 48 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Unknown; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Unknown
Availability: Around November 1, 2017