Ranger (nickname Ranger Bear) is a wonderful dog and as perfect as can be for our family.  He has acclimated very well to our home and claims certain parts of the home as his own.  He has discovered stairs and mastered them and has learned that he cannot walk through a glass door.  He has a kind disposition and even lets our 7 lb dog be the boss.

We do safeguard him with a large fenced back yard where he finds much freedom and loves to run large circles. He also enjoys walks in the evening and his most excitement is when we get ready to go to work. He jumps willing into our SUV and anxiously waits to ride to the office.  He is a perfect work office friend to all. You hardly know he is in the office until one gets up from their chair.  Yes, he is basically a Velcro dog and most welcomed.

We are grateful to Golden Bond Rescue for the help and providing our dear dog Ranger and I am sure he believes he is in Heaven here on earth.