Jessie is doing great! We feel very fortunate to have adopted such a wonderful Golden. She is a near perfect dog. She is learning to use a specific area to go potty and is going without guidance about half the time.

Jessie is very good with people and other dogs. She doesn’t get excited about other dogs to often, which is nice. She travels well in our cars and per typical dog, loves to put her head out the window.


She loves tug and fetch the most. She tries to catch a soft Frisbee but isn’t quite fast enough yet. She lays under the hammock when Joyce or I are laying in it. And overall she is the best.




She goes on 4 mile walks with Joyce and is fit and healthy.

Thank you to GBR for making this happen.

Mark and Joyce




Hello nice people!  My name is Kay (#2920).  My foster family says I am “sweet and happy.”  They say I am an “absolutely beautiful China rescue Golden girl.”  I arrived in the Northwest in November extremely thin at 38 pounds and afraid of almost everything.  It was all so foreign because I had been deprived of so many normal life experiences in China. I am happy to report that I am now a healthy 66 pound youngster who has learned to live in a home with all its comforts; enjoy children; obey basic commands; explore with curiosity and far more confidence; play with toys, stuffies, Frisbees and balls; visit the Oregon beach; join my foster mom’s book group; and SO much more.

My initial behavior with other dogs was fearful and unpredictable. After a few visits to a dog behaviorist, both I and my foster parents learned how to “meet and greet” and pay attention to yes/no signals from other dogs.  With patience and practice I now greet dogs outside of the home, on the street or in a pet store situation with friendliness and have played happily and appropriately with a few neighbor dogs.  I am very secure and happy in an “only Kay” home!  My leaps in adjustment and learning happened after I came into a home “just for me” where I learned to feel safe. I’ve suppressed the memories of my early puppyhood and am really a secure, happy dog now.  I have had no contact with cats, so that is an unknown, but I definitely want to give the squirrels a run for their money!

I am instinctively gentle with children, having experience with my foster’s four-year old grandson during a week-long stay.  I also had a few young boys (8 and 10) visit me in my foster home. We completely enjoyed each other calmly in the house.  I lay next to them on the floor while quite easily and naturally giving and receiving affection.

I have no food or resource guarding issues at all and never object to someone’s moving or putting a hand in my food bowl.  Basic commands are pretty solid but I need continued practice and consistency. I sit automatically when presented my food bowl or a treat before receiving them. I will sit at the door to allow my leash to be put on before going out. Leash walking is still in the learning and practicing category. A training class would be helpful.  Eager to go on an adventure in the car or SUV at any invitation, I will jump in, wait until given permission to get out (I still need reinforcement in this), and will follow enthusiastically.  I love, love, love meeting people!  (I have heard that’s one of the most endearing qualities of a Golden.)  Despite my unfortunate beginnings, I love and trust people now, wanting nothing more than to bond and stick with ya!  I will follow family around the house, nap while I wait patiently for my people to get ready in the morning, bring a sock or shoe to drop at their feet, or tease them to try and get a sock or shoe back from me.

I will play for a half hour with a washed empty big cottage cheese container; shake my giant teddy bear like a long lost playmate; bring in the newspaper from the paper box at the end of the driveway with great pride and showmanship; happily carry groceries from the back of the car into the kitchen and race back out for another easy to carry item like a bag of bagels; run crazy “zoomies” in big circles around the yard when I am happy (which is every day); and watch TV with my family as long as it’s sports or animal shows!   BUT my true happy place is next to you wherever you are. I am content to sleep at your feet or trot across the grass or beach with you. I need hugs and sweet talk, gentleness and patience, new learning adventures and quiet times just sunning on the deck with you.  I am accustomed to spending full days with my people but am okay being left alone at home with a safe dog chew and a long nap for a few hours.  I love my big wire crate with a its comfy pad and my own blanket which I drag out occasionally to show you my prize baby quilt.  I happily go into my crate at night to sleep and sometimes choose to spend a few minutes of quiet meditation in my “own room” during the day. I have been known to hide the newspaper in my crate!  I keep my crate in my foster’s bedroom.  I have never been allowed on the furniture or beds but I enthusiastically wiggle and wag hoping for an invitation to hop into the people-bed every morning!

If you are considering adopting me, my foster family would like you to know this:  There is something tenderly wonderful about a Golden Retriever.  This VERY special girl (by which they mean me) is proof that a Golden is born, in China or anywhere, with a desire to please and unconditionally love people.  They say I am “one of a kind…. brave, resilient, happy and loveable to the nth degree.”  I am looking forward to finding my family.

Kay was adopted on March 24, 2018

Sex: Female
Age: 2 years
Weight: 66 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Some; Cats: Unknown; Kids: 10+
Availability: Now