On Tuesday AM, April 15th, Lizzie expired from carcinoma of the right nostril. Her brother Griffyn, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, and her human companions, Carol and Joe Lambert, all were with her when the owl called her name.

She came to us via Golden Bond Rescue after a horrendous period in Washington State. She had multiple skin growths, many infected teeth and other illnesses resulting from sustained abuse. She even had a bullet permanently lodged in her body. She recovered slowly but happily at the Owawauna house on the Columbia River in Hammond, Oregon.

The favorite part of her day was a hike at Parking Lot D in the Fort Stevens State Park. It always began the same way; a race to the water with Griffyn and then a happy and complete plunge into the water, no matter how warm or cold. Then several repeats during the walk down the beach, chasing after her brother Griffyn, and into groups of birds. She was ecstatically happy during these excursions. And so were we.

She slept in our bedroom next to Griffyn, and our cat Barnaby, receiving nightly lullabies in Spanish from Carol. In the AM she always waited on the floor for Joe to finish his shower, and then trot off with Griffyn to the car and the ride to the beach. She appreciated all the affection she received, and returned it to our family in even greater measure.

Lizzie has now crossed the rainbow bridge and been met on the other side by our other dear dogs, Elwood, Baxter, Marti and Riley. She spent almost two years with us and departed leaving us sad but with expanded hearts.

Lizzie, our (approximately) 10 year old  Golden Retriever, came to us under the auspices of Golden Bond, and is now firmly ensconced in her new home. She loves our Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Griffyn, and our cat, Barnaby, and us, and the feeling is reciprocated. She and Griff enjoy daily walks/runs along the Columbia or on the beaches, and spends a great deal of the day in our enormous yard. She enjoys her family and the feeling is mutual. She gets on well physically though her eyes are somewhat cloudy and her distance hearing is limited. She sleeps in our bedroom next to Griff and eats well and harmoniously with Griff, and enjoys tugging things with him despite the paucity of teeth. She is never very far way from us in the house or out. She has the sweetest of dispositions. All of us, my wife and I and our animal associates are immensely fond of her.

Katie was adopted June 23, 2017