Gracie actually picked her new name.  I thought that she just looked like Gracie, but I was using Kamila  to start with because it was something she knew.  She was in the backyard running around and I called her using the name Kamila and she just ignored me…so I decided to try calling her to come, using Gracie and she ran right over to me.  So I decided that she liked Gracie best.

She has done very well adjusting to her new home.  At first, she was afraid to go outside when it was dark and needed someone to go out with her.  Now, she runs around out there at night without any fear.  She was also afraid of men, when they came into the house, but now she is wagging her little tail and letting them pet her.  So much progress!!

She is such a sweet girl and I am loving every minute with her.  She loves to go in the car and we go to the park often to walk around and see the ducks and squirrels….she is really good and  just stops and stares, although, if she could, she would love to chase them.

Thank you Golden Bond for this sweet girl…she is perfect.

Hey everybody . . . hi . . . I’m Kamila (#2908) . . . but my foster mom calls me Kam or Kammy which fits me much better.   I’m not sure I’m a full golden retriever . . . but I’m a beautiful red golden color and have a golden heart.   I’m pretty small in stature but I have a huge heart for loving people.

I was rescued from Puerto Rico after the hurricane, so we don’t know much about me before I was found . . . but since I’ve been in the USA, I’ve been living the good life with lots of good food, a comfy bed and room to play.  I had a tough time, however, when I first arrived here because I had heartworm, a tick disease and hook worms, all of which I’ve been treated for and I’ve recovered. I have to say, it was a rough road to get through all that as I was one pretty sick pup, but that just goes to show what a survivor I am. But hey, I’m healthy now and I’m so happy to have been rescued . . . and now I’m looking for a great new forever home.

My foster mom says I am just one very cool little girl . . . and a big time love bug.   And I gotta say, yep, she’s right.  I would love to be your snuggle bug.

I walk very nicely on a leash, though if I see a squirrel I might try to run after it big time . . . but since I’m so small, I’m pretty easy to control. I love, love, love car rides and will go anywhere with you.  I really like my crate and will sleep in it all on my own . . . it’s sort of like my own little safe place.

I haven’t been around kids, but I might do well with older ones who don’t scare me. Also, I haven’t been around cats, but since I like to chase squirrels so much I might not do well with them . . . but who knows?

Have to say I’m pretty cool around really mellow dogs, but alpha or aggressive dogs really scare me and I will let them know by snarling at them. I’m not aggressive with them, but I want to let them know to just leave me alone.  I would probably do best in a home as an only dog or with a very mellow dog.

I am very dainty and slow when eating and I take treats very nicely. Which my foster mom says is pretty amazing for a rescue dog.

I’m just looking for a warm, loving home where somebody will let me sit on the couch, cuddle with them, take me for walks and let me ride along in the car and places to sleep in the sun.   (Oh, I really love sleeping in the sun!)  And, oh yeah . . . give me lots and lots of love and yep,  treats would be really nice too.  Could it be with you?

Foster Mom notes: Kam is just an amazing little girl. She doesn’t chew things up, doesn’t bark unless there is a reason for it, doesn’t dig, doesn’t counter crawl and loves walks, rides in the car, cuddles and belly rubs.  She loves chew bones, especially antlers and has never chewed up a dog toy. Nope, she is not a pure Golden…but she has a golden heart and loves people big time.  She does have the cutest black feathers on the tip of her ears and she has the most beautiful big brown eyes, all of which are just so endearing. We don’t know what she went through before she was rescued, and she’s been through a lot since she’s gotten to the USA…but now she’s healthy, and deserves a great new home.   Could it be yours?

Kamila was adopted on February 2, 2018






Sex: Female
Age: 3.5 years
Weight: 35 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Some; Cats: Probably not; Kids: Over 10
Availability: ADOPTED