This charming gentleman is Kai (#3397), who was surrendered to GBR by his heartbroken family when they could no longer take care of him. He may be a “senior” but don’t let his years fool you as he still has a twinkle in his eyes, a smile on his face, and plenty of bounce in his step when he greets you at the door with his favorite stuffy Howard the Duck. He is very well trained, knowing the commands “stay”, “sit”, “down”, and a new one, “go” (to keep him out of kitchen). He has also been trained to wait for you to say “okay” when exiting the house, so nobody gets knocked over. He gives the best teddy bear hugs, loves to be brushed, will fetch the newspaper for you, and will happily ride with you in the car, although he uses his ramp to get in and out. He will play keep-away with his toys and can be quite bouncy and Tigger-like.

He does have the usual aches and pains common to aging doggies and is taking thyroid, joint pain meds, and an antacid.  He also recently had surgery to treat a condition (laryngeal paralysis) that made it difficult for him to breath when he was excited or stressed. But he is near to full recovery and is taking short walks until his breathing is improved. He must remain on a soft diet (no dry kibble) and eat from an elevated food dish.

Kai is looking for a quiet household with lots of love to share. He is a big boy who sometimes doesn’t know his size, so a home without small children would be best, and a home without stairs would be ideal. He is fully house-trained and doesn’t mind being left alone in the house for a few hours. He doesn’t bark, isn’t destructive, doesn’t want to sleep on the furniture, and has no interest in wandering away. Pretty perfect, huh?

Kai was adopted on August 29, 2020

Sex: Male
Age: 8+ Years
Weight: 100+ Pounds
Availability: Now
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? yes
Good with Kids? yes
Other Information: Because of his size, probably no tiny kids.