My husband Mark and I were given the opportunity through Golden Bond Rescue’s F2A (First to Adopt) program to adopt our beautiful little girl, Julie (#3336) on December 30th. So, here we are at about 6 weeks out and we are so thrilled that we had the chance to adopt her, our Sadie.

It’s funny to not know her background except that she may not have had a loving family to be in and with rescue dogs, so much worse was possible for her. She is such a loving pup and only wants to please. She does have a more wild side and we see it come out in her periodically. She is now learning basic commands, how to walk on a leash, but most of all, how to play ball and tug-o’-war.



She’s surely an outdoor dog and we are just waiting for the weather to warm up to take her camping. She is a great hiking dog as you can see from the photos. She also likes finding things in the house that she knows she’s not supposed to have, like candy canes and socks.



She is already such an integral part of our household of three now and we love her so very much! We promise to keep her safe and healthy as we want to have her around for many happy years to come!

Our thanks to Golden Bond for a great experience, great crew of knowledgeable people, and their love for these pups 🙂