I am sitting here loving my sweet adorable Clover. She is the sweetest and most gentle girl ever. I don’t know how I could love her more but every day I do. I think she loves me almost as much as I do her. She is my shadow. She is starting to play with toys a little. She loves her walks. I have a neighbor who loves her and always asks if he can take her for a walk. He can go farther than I can so she gets extra exercise when he takes her. I just don’t have the words to express my love for her and my gratitude to golden bond for giving her to me to love for the rest of her life. I will give her the best life ever as she has given so much to me. The past 8 months have been hard for me. I lost my husband and 2 dogs. Clover has given me love and life again. Thank you again.

Our love to you all,

Ellen and Clover



My name is Joanie (#3320).  I relocated from China to the USA in December 2020.  The vet here thinks I am probably a little over five-years old.  I weigh 79 pounds which the vet says is a healthy weight for me.

I have been on many walks in in my foster family’s neighborhood and I do very well on a leash.  I do not pull or try to get away; I just walk right beside them.  While out on walks, I have encountered other dogs (from a distance) and I have not reacted other than to slow or stop and look at them.  I have not been around cats yet so I am not sure how I would react to them.  I also have not been around children so I don’t know for certain how I would feel about them though my foster family believes I would be okay with them because of my sweet and calm temperament.

My foster family is retired so they are home almost all the time.  We go on walks and run errands together.  I walk with them and enjoy it.  I think it’s exciting to go places. I like to take at least one or two walks per day.  Around the house, I am quiet, calm and sleep a fair amount.  I love to be near either of my foster parents and will follow them around the house.  I love to be petted and talked to, too.  My foster parents have attempted to do some training with me, but I’m not really catching on to what they’re asking me to do.  I am, however, agreeable to whatever they want so I think it’s okay when I don’t understand the words they’re saying.

I have had a couple of visits to the vet in the last month and the vet says I am healthy with no issues other than some wax in my ears and some hearing loss.  I know I am not deaf because I respond when my foster family talks to or calls me.  Oh, and the vet mentioned something about having my teeth checked to be sure they’re okay.

I have had two baths and some grooming since being here and I am calm and okay with both.  I’m not generally fearful about anything but I do really want to be with my family.  Since I moved here in December, I have become more relaxed and wag my tail more.  I am not too interested in toys.  My favorite thing is a real beef bone – I can chew on it for two straight hours and devour almost all of it.  Yum!

When someone is petting me then stops, I move closer to them because I really crave affection. I believe that the best family for me would be one that has retired or has at least slowed down their activity level because I’m a pretty much your classic couch potato/love sponge blend.  My foster family says I am sweet-natured and loving.

Joanie was adopted on January 31,2021

Sex: Female
Age: 5-8 Years
Weight: 65-100 Pounds
Availability: Now
Good with Dogs? unknown
Good with Cats? unknown
Good with Kids? unknown