Jewel (now Millie) was handed to me last October.  After her long trip from China, this 5 month old pup just nestled in my arms and I knew I had won the Puppy Lottery!  Millie has the softest coat and the sweetest face.

I must first thank her foster mom in China for doing such a wonderful job with her.  She was crate trained, housebroken and well loved when I received her.  I tell you, she was perfect!  Five months later she is still sweet and oh so smart.  She loves her toys, loves loves loves her food and still sits on  my lap (more of a sprawl now).  She loves the water and snow and is pure joy to watch running and leaping off leash!  Millie is very patient with my daughter’s kitty and is hoping some day to play with her.

Thank you, Golden Bond for saving these beautiful creatures!

Millie was adopted on November 11, 2017