I adopted Rosie (Jessie #2505) Dec. 10, 2014. Her foster mom, Kathleen, wrote about her adoption below.

Rosie was part of my life for 2 1/2 years…..she passed away yesterday, lymph cancer….what a sweet girl, and sweet spirit!  Rosie’s end of life was filled with walks, rolling in the grass, visiting her many friends who adored her.

Thank you for continuing to help these wonderful dogs.  I miss her so much, this first morning without her.  And thanks to your foster parents, like Kathleen, who start these critters on their way back to health and happiness.


I adopted Rosie (formerly Jessie) in December. It took a while for Rosie to understand she was in her forever home….she was a bit shy and slept a lot.  After about 2 weeks, Rosie realized she was in her new home, and started to become very affectionate, enjoying visitors, getting to know neighbors and friends, daily walks in the park along Lake Washington, and her basket of stuffed animals.  Rosie is deaf, and she has been learning new signs, always offering her paw to shake hands for a treat.  So now Rosie has been home, for over a month, where she knows she is loved and safe and warm. Her back limp is gone- when I leave to go on errands and she stays home, I return to find her snug in her dog bed, with her leash in her mouth!  Such a sweet way to say, “I am ready for the park!”   Rosie is a love, and I know that a great part of the reason she is healthy and happy today is the care she received from her Golden Bond foster mom. Thank you for Rosie and thank you for all the love you give to these sweet friends.

Jessie was adopted on December 10, 2014.

Jessie’s Available Story:

Jessie 2505bIt’s unanimous. I, Jessie (#2505), have a sweet personality.  Some say a better name for me might be Sweet Pea. These are comments I’ve heard from two shelter staff, two vet staff and a neighborhood 10-year-old:

“Such a sweet little girl.”

“She‘s one of my favorites — a real sweetie.”

“This dog is a such a sweetheart!”

“She’s so quiet and sweet.”

“Awwwww, she’s so sweet!”

Because of my previous owner’s legal issues, I wound up at a shelter. When my foster mom picked me up, I’d clearly been neglected — fleas, skin and ear infections, and so skinny you could see my bones. In foster care, I’ve gained weight but still have a “scrawny rear end.”  The vet said it looked like my rear legs “hadn’t been used much”, so it will take time for my hips and back legs to get stronger. I weigh only 52 pounds and need to gain about 6 or 7 pounds more. For 12 years old, I’m pretty healthy — no meds, pretty good blood work, and “awesome” teeth for a senior. And — yay — I’m a golden with no allergies!

I easily settled into my foster home. I’m well socialized, do fine with dogs and adore children. I love meeting people and wag my happy (yet “scrawny”) tail when people pet me or make a fuss over me. My foster mom says I was probably neglected but not abused.Jessie 2505a

Two health issues remain: I have a partial ligament tear in a rear knee that does not affect my walking. Also, I am mostly deaf. My foster mom wasn’t sure how to handle this but I made it easy. A hand signal gets me to go potty, climb in the car, etc. One benefit of the deafness is that when other dogs bark and get all excited at the sound of doorbells, food, car keys (or fireworks in the future), I stay calm and quiet.

I am getting more affectionate and attentive the longer I’m in foster care. I am easy to walk and don’t pull on my leash. I like riding in the car and looking out the window. I love love LOVE comfy dog beds. Around the house, I’m well-behaved and have a quiet, mellow temperament. As a golden oldie, I nap a lot but I am always up for a walk, cuddling or kisses whenever you are.

Maybe what makes me sweet and endearing is that I’m so undemanding, so appreciative of having a second chance with a family who loves me and doesn’t forget I am around, makes sure I gets vet care when needed, and feeds me everyday. My foster mom says I would do fine in a family with or without another dog (though not a young or rough one). I‘d probably be fine with a cat, too. Although I am great with kids, GBR policy says dogs with an unknown history shouldn’t be placed with young children. A home without a lot of stairs would be best.

Besides love and attention, my new family needs to give me one or two short walks everyday to strengthen my rear end. If I go in the car a lot with you, I’ll need a car ramp to go up and down to protect my rear knee for the future. I am easygoing, easy to care for, and easy to protect and spoil. If you’re looking for an endearing, gentle and (here’s that word again) sweet little dog, I’m the girl for you!


Sex: Female
Age: 12 years
Weight: 52 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Probably; Kids: 10+
Availability: Adopted