Meet Jesse (#2873) who arrived from Taiwan on August 5.  Jesse is a thin Golden Retriever who spent about seven years of his life in a cage, yet he remains a very sweet, people-loving, affection-seeking, wanting-to-please boy. He shows evidence of having been harshly treated and he tries to make sure he does nothing wrong as he just wants to be loved by people.

Jesse doesn’t particularly like other dogs in close quarters, especially those who bump him, sniff his rear end, try to hump him, or get too close in small spaces. He’s not dog reactive when walking on a leash (which he does very nicely) and he will politely sniff other dogs, but giving him space is best. He would definitely be happiest as the only dog in a home (he’s not been tested with cats).

Jesse was treated for heartworm in Taiwan beginning in Dec. 2016. He just had an abscessed tooth removed before leaving Taiwan, and he’ll be having his hips checked out at the vet in Oregon.

Jesse is a sweet boy who deserves a good home with people who will give him all the attention he needs.

Jesse was adopted by his foster family

Sex: Male
Age: 8 years old
Weight: 60 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Some; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Unknown
Availability: Around August 21, 2017