This big (95-lb.), beautiful guy won our hearts the minute we met him. He is just as much of a teddy bear as his photo suggests. Bentley (formerly known as Jeeves) arrived from Beijing with a typically vague history. Various vets have placed his age between 6 and 10 years. Given his background, Bentley arrived in surprisingly good health.

In typical Golden fashion, Bentley loves everyone and everything. After several months of being an only child, our 13-year-old golden girl, Gracie, was surprisingly gracious about sharing her home and her people. A bark, a growl, a sniff, and then a truce quickly developed. The pair has had no trouble accommodating each other.


Bentley has his quirks. He generally loves our daily walks through the woods where he dawdles to nibble the grass and check out every intriguing smell. However, every so often, Bentley simply parks his bulk in place and refuses to take another step, usually not long after leaving the house. When all forward encouragement has failed, we concede to Bentley’s demands and he gladly turns around and trots back home. Go figure! Nothing traumatic has ever occurred during our strolls, so his behavior seems inexplicable.

Bentley is a great office dog and every weekday morning he greets each employee on arrival, including the tiny Chihuahua puppy that joins us at work. We’ve dubbed Bentley and Gracie our Chief Wellness Officers for their important roles spreading cheer to everyone in the office. However, Bentley’s naughty streak—stealing paper from desktops and items from purses—kicks in when he feels he’s not getting enough attention and would much prefer everyone chased him around the conference table for a while.

We are blessed to have this big boy in our lives.

Laura and Robert

Jeeves was adopted on February 17, 2018

Hi there, I’m Mr. Jeeves!!! I flew over to the US from China  about a month ago and am having a good time being here (thank you Golden Bond).  They tell me I’m about  6 or 7 years old and my foster folks call me  Mr. Mellow. My gig is napping and lying around watching what’s going on around here. I like to go for walks but not terribly far, and I like to do zoomies but not for terribly long.  Someone said I’m a “laid back Louie” whatever that means.

I am a BIG boy! I weigh about 90 lbs and my doc says that’s pretty right on for a guy like me. Healthy as a small horse.

My mom says I’m a sweet, sweet boy. Are you looking for the ultimate in a 6 or 7 year old LARGE couch potato? I’m your boy!