Jazzy/Piper #2976

My name is Jasmine (#2976).  I arrived from China on 4/11/18. I’m about six years old and am a petite Golden. I spent about three weeks with my foster dad and then was adopted by my mom. Mom will tell you more about that in a minute.
I am a love sponge! I love people, love to be petted, talked to, sung to, hugged. Mom says that I give all of the love I soak up right back. I’m a happy, curious young lady with a moderate energy level…unless I’m chasing squirrels or seagulls…then my energy level jumps way up. I love car rides, walks, hikes, beach adventures. I am not interested in playing in water, though my mom insists I’d love it if I’d try it out.  I live with two cats and a dachshund mix. I’ve gotten along with my fur siblings from the beginning. I’ve had positive interactions with kids of all ages though I’m more drawn to kids over 10.
Mom here: Jasmine/Piper is a wonderful dog. She’s smart, loving and very tuned into me and to others. She loves to snuggle and hang out but is also independent – not a Velcro dog. I work full time and Jasmine has never had a problem being left alone. I do think she gets bored sometimes as I will occasionally come home to shoes and laundry strewn around the house. She doesn’t chew on said items, just scatters them around.
Jasmine/Piper has two challenging behaviors. She is obsessed with squirrels and can get so focused on a squirrel that nothing else exists. Sometimes she’ll bark and bark and bark and pace around her favorite squirrel tree. That can be annoying. The difficulty for me, though, is that if we’re walking on leash and she sees a squirrel – well, she’s really strong and I’m not. The other behavior is that Jazzy has been aggressive toward a few small dogs who’ve gotten in her face. Because of this, Jasmine can’t be off leash anywhere where there are or could be small dogs. Because of my own physical challenges, I’m not able to adequately manage these two characteristics of this awesome dog. Jazzy has worked with a trainer on these two issues and would benefit from some more training.
Jazzy was adopted on December 1, 2018
Sex: Female
Age: 6 years
Weight: About 50 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Yes; Kids: 10+
Availability: ADOPTED