Maverick is everything we hoped for; and more.  I can tell you that, as lifelong Lab owners, we are now fully converted and hooked on Goldens as well thanks to Maverick.  He is in love with camping, pine cones, car rides, sticks, our water feature, and our two older labs.

He has also discovered the joys of basketball and is learning how to “dribble” it.  I think we have a new “Air Bud” in the making!




He is over 50 pounds and our vet says he may be the largest golden she has ever seen.  He has adapted well to cats…chases if they run from him but respects the ones that turn around and hiss at him  We are working on the chasing part but it is so hard for him!!  If it runs he chases it; that’s just what a retriever does!



He has his own Instagram site; golden_maverick that has 193 followers so far.  Quite the social media hit at such a young age!  He has even had professional pictures already taken.  He leads quite the rock star life!

Jaylin/Maverick was adopted on May 2, 2018