Just catching you all up on Jasmine Jane.  Jasmine Jane is what we call her when she is in trouble.  It just kinda fits and keeps her first name in the mix.  She is so amazing!  You asked for some pictures, be careful what you ask for, we are as bad as new parents.  She is growing so fast, already weighs 26.5 lbs.  She knows lots of voice commands, NO is a big one (hears it all the time), sit, stay, off, lay down, come (when she wants) and off.  As with any puppy, there are so many new sights and smells that we haven’t let her off leash at the beach yet, she has to get better at come.  We took her to our local dog park yesterday where they have some agility things.  We showed her the small ramp a couple of times, then took her over to the big ramp and up she went!

I am planning on taking her to puppy school in January and perhaps agility this summer if she keeps progressing.jasmine-on-the-ramp

She loves to go in the car and meet new people.  She is so well behaved in public, we took her with us to a pool tournament Clois was shooting in and she had everyone wrapped around her tail!  We went to Seattle last month and she was a perfect passenger.

We put a fence up between the chickens and Jasmine’s area but she snuck thru the gate the other day and had a blast chasing them (they weren’t too thrilled).  She didn’t come close to catching them but gave it a good shot.  When she is on her side of the fence and they are on theirs most of the chicks will come up to the fence and hang out with her.  Hopefully, as she matures we will be able to let her inside their area.

The relationship with Tinkerbell (the cat) is a slower process, hence no pictures!  She wants to play with Tink so bad but Tink is not interested.  She has put her in her place a couple of times so Jaz has a healthy respect for her.  In fact, there are times when I have to stand between the two so Jaz can get past her.  It’s quite funny, actually.

Well, in case you haven’t been able to tell, we are quite in love with her.  I didn’t realize how quiet our home was until she came.  Thank you all so much for making that happen.


Jane was adopted on November 29, 2016