Otis is the ultimate dream dog.  What makes Otis a dream dog is that despite his past, he has shown a willingness to trust that we will give him the protection and love that he seeks.

His story is not one without a difficult transition; he took a bit of time to adjust to his new life and soon exhibited behavioral issues that at times for us felt overwhelming.  We watched videos and reached out to others on what we could do differently to help Otis feel comfortable with us and his environment. Through in home training sessions, regular visits to the dog parks, and hanging with his friends at daycare (his time spent socializing with other dogs has impacted him greatly in the most positive way), we have come to find that Otis has a very sweet demeanor, is incredibly smart, athletic, and at times can be somewhat of a goofball.

We feel incredibly lucky to have Otis and love watching him grow and we can’t wait to develop our bond further just by spending time together whether in training class, out on a hike, swimming in a lake, or even just snuggling and listening to the rain.


Otis, Marisa, Julie

Otis was adopted on May 19, 2018