Jamie came to live with us as a very energetic preteen who loved to talk and had an opinion about everything.  As with all the Goldens we’ve known, she also had a sweet, trusting nature.  When she was 4 she was diagnosed with an insulinoma after having collapsed while playing.

According to our vet at Animal Care Group, the odds of surviving even 6  months with this diagnosis is almost nil.  But Jamie had an enthusiasm for life – she exceeded everyone’s expectations.


She died 5 years almost to the day of her diagnosis still with the same sweet trust and enthusiasm for the next treat.  Although she beat the odds and lived a long and quality life, it hasn’t been long enough…..


Janet and Jonathan





Adopted July 16, 2009

1911_jamie_1We took Jamie #1911 to the Golden Bond picnic this morning and we all had a super fun time.

We brought Jamie home 5 weeks ago, having lost our last Golden Bond adoptee at Easter. A home without a Golden is not really a home….Fortunately for us our new housemate is small because she’s a live wire, as Darlene, her foster Mom will attest. Jamie also runs like the wind, quite a difference from our previous Goldens which make us wonder if there’s a secret in her family tree. However she has a beautiful Golden coat and a lovely Golden temperament, having established her love of people, being petted and ease with other dogs, especially other Goldens. She has thoroughly found her way into our hearts.

Janet and Jonathan