My name is Jackie (#3629).  I am a 3- to 4-year-old female Yellow Lab Retriever from South Korea. I am on the smaller side, weighing 42 pounds. My foster family tells me I am a beautiful girl with an adorable puppy dog face and great personality – I’ll steal your heart! I am super sweet, affectionate, and have a calm demeaner about me.

I am very playful and get excited to meet other dogs when they are around, I think I would do well in a home with a doggy playmate. I love to play, sometimes on the rougher side, so a younger dog with a higher energy level would be a good fit. I do not know how I would be around cats or children, but I have not exhibited any aggressive tendencies to date. I love running around in the backyard and occasionally gets the zoomies!

During the day, I will follow my family around and sleep right next to them as they work. I am a Velcro dog! I would be great with someone who works from home. While I initially displayed some fear of the TV, I quickly come around to the trend of binge watching and will happily snuggle next to my family while they binge.

I know some basic commands, such as “sit” and “paw”. I am VERY treat motivated, and am a quick learner. I have no doubt I’ll pick up other commands easily with basic training. My leash training will need some work – I like to pull on the leash, explore, and sniff! There are so many new smells and I’m still getting accustomed to city life. I have not been allowed off leash. While I had a couple potty accident’s initially, I quickly picked up potty-training and have not had an accident since.

I sleep in my crate at night without a problem, although I may need a little coaxing to get in initially but fall asleep quickly once inside. I also do great in the crate in the car! I’ve never had any issues or anxieties with car rides.

Ideal family: I think I would do well in a home with another dog(s) who also likes to play, on the younger side. I would do well with someone who works from home or can spend a little more time home with me until I settle in. I like being close to my family.

My foster family tells me I am an absolute gem, and am going to be a great addition for a lucky home. I am a very sweet girl.



Sex: Female
Age: 2-5 Years
Weight: 20-45 Pounds
Availability: Adopted
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? unknown
Good with Kids? unknown