Jax (formerly Jack) has been a great dog!! Very mellow for a 2 year old. Once we started fostering we just knew we were going to fail and adopt him!







He fit right in with our other Goldens; Kali (GB Rescue), and Chase (Rescue but not GB). Jax has slowly been coming out of his shell and becoming more playful with the others.


He has an interesting trait, that whenever someone comes home, or to the house he must find something to bring to them: toy, dog bowl, hose, blanket, pillow, anything that fits in his mouth!


Golden Bond Rescue is happy to announce that Jack (#2845) has arrived in the U.S. from China. Jack came from a foster home in Shanghai where he was reported to have gotten along well with both dogs and people.  He was also reported to be housebroken and a good, though energetic, boy.  After a few short days in the U.S., he proved to us that everything reported by his foster family in Shanghai was true.   

Jack is good with other dogs, and is pretty sedate for his age (under two). He loves to ride in the car, knows some basic commands, and he is good on leash.  He does have occasional hot spots and is currently being treated with Apoquel.

He is pretty easy-going, but he does love to play. He learns quickly, and a basic manners class would work wonders for him.

Jack LOVES when his people get home! Just the thing for you to see when you’ve spent a frustrating day! He will greet you with the largest stuffed toy he can find. Jack loves all his toys, the bigger the better, so get out your pet store card…

Meanwhile, it’s debatable how he feels about baths.

Jack was adopted July 5, 2017

Sex: Male
Age: 18 months - 2 years
Weight: About 55 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Over 10
Availability: ADOPTED