Ivan is doing really well! He’s such a sweet boy and we love him so much! He’s settled into his new house and loves patrolling his yard. He’s quite tall and it’s very easy for him to explore kitchen surfaces but he has such good manners and has only stolen food once in a counter surfing incident involving a cabbage that was quickly relinquished. He was a bit skinny when he came over from China but he’s eating well and has filled out a bit and regrown the hair on his tail so he has a magnificent golden tail once more.


Ivan has three cat brothers and has been so sweet and patient with them and has finally won them all over. Ivan’s favorite thing is family time, when we all snuggle up on the couch. He’s a gentle soul and we are so glad and grateful that he had the opportunity to come to the U.S. and join our family. Thank you, everyone at Golden Bond for helping our boy to find his ‘furever’ family!




Hello Golden Retriever lovers! My name is Ivan (#2832). I live with my foster family who also has five other dogs. I love them all so much that I kind of knock them around with big hugs. I gave one of the cats a big kiss, too, and he didn’t even move so I must not be too scary.

I came to my foster home from China with my hair trimmed because I had a few issues with my skin due to fleas, I think.  I also am a little skinny so my foster mom is trying to fatten me up — not too fat, just fat enough. My foster mom says I needed some good groceries.  I will probably be about seventy-five to eighty pounds as a filled-out adult Golden. I love my meals and treats. I will do most anything for a treat.  YUMMMMMMY!

I was pretty mellow when my foster mom first met me…then wow!  Did I ever start talking A LOT when I set eyes on all the other dogs at her place!!! I wanted to play with them so much that I may have scared them a little.  (Don’t tell them I said this, but they were chickens compared to the cat I kissed.) 

I don’t mind being in a really large kennel indoors and I am great with a fenced yard. I have pretty good house manners but will look on the counters for something yummy. I don’t really mind cats at all but if they get close to me I will kiss and sniff them.

I love to smile and my family here has given me much to smile about. They love to hug me and pet my big Golden head. I love to get the ball after it is thrown by the chuck-it. I won’t give it back though so you might need a second one.

I am looking for that special family that wants to spend time with a busy two year old who also likes to just hang out next to their chairs. Any chance your family fits the bill? 

Now I will let my foster mom say a few things:  “Ivan is a wonderful dog. He is kind in spirit and wants nothing more than to spend time with people. He had some skin issues but those have gone away. I think they were caused by fleas and poor living conditions. His hair is growing back nicely. Ivan sometimes wants to stand up and put his paws on my shoulders so he needs a little work in that area. Ivan isn’t reactive around inside cats but I don’t know about outside cats that might run. He likes other dogs but his size can be intimidating to them. I would like nothing more than to see Ivan in the wonderful home he deserves.”

Ivan was adopted on July 8, 2017

Sex: Male
Age: About 2 years old
Weight: 65 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Probably; Kids: Unknown
Availability: June 30, 2017