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I was a stray in Taiwan, where some kind soul found me and sent me to Golden Bond Rescue in Oregon.  After spending a month in a very nice foster home, I moved in with Bob and Debbie, and I think it’s my forever home!  They’re really nice to me, got me my very own food bowl, and they even fill it twice a day!  I had a few issues with separation anxiety and barking at other dogs & squirrels, but now I’m doing much better.  They took me to school – I even got a diploma that says I know how to behave (well, a little, anyhow), and we’re all going to a more advanced class now where I’ll learn more cool stuff.  I have learned a lot; they say I’m a very smart boy, and my vet says I’m one of the most alert dogs he has ever seen!

I love taking Bob for walks in the morning – there’s so much to see and smell, it’s wonderful!  We’re working on me not pulling so much on the leash (or, maybe for Bob to walk faster).  I have to get better about pulling before Mom can walk me.

I really like playing ball in the house (I’m a really good chaser & catcher!), wrestling with tug toys (and if they squeak, even better!), and watching doggie TV – so many birds, squirrels, dogs and more to see out the windows!

I love people and have learned not to jump up when they come to visit. Everyone who meets me thinks I’m a really sweet boy!
Bob and Deb have two houses, so I guess that means I do too!  One of them is at the Oregon coast, where I get to walk Bob on the beach and find all sorts of things to see and smell.

I must have found my forever home, because every night before I go to sleep they tell me to be happy and healthy, that I’m one of the best boys in the whole world, and they’ll love me for the rest of my life.

Ivan was adopted January 12, 2016


Ivan’s Available Story:


Ivan 2637a

Hi, I’m Ivan the Adorable (#2637).  If I haven’t already stolen your heart, just wait.  Check out my expressive ears and my curious eyes.  And how about my gorgeous coat?  I smell like honey when I get wet!

I’m 3-4 years old and I came

from Taiwan.  I’m on the smaller side at about 50 pounds.  I’m energetic, playful, loving, and cuddly.  I love to go for walks, and am generally well behaved once I’m on my leash.  However, I get so excited when I see my leash, I always want to play tug with it before you can get it on me.  If I see a dog while walking, I will start to pull and bark at them.  I can be distracted with a treat to regain focus.

Speaking of other dogs, I think I like them, but I get so excited that I haven’t been allowed to meet too many.  I went to a friend’s house and played with a female lab mix a bit.  We were fine being together, but I spent most of my time finding all her hidden tennis balls.

Tennis Balls!  They’re my favorite!  I love to chew on them, chase them, and play fetch.  They are great and so much harder to destroy than soft toys.  I do like to play tug with rope too, but tennis balls are still the best.

At home I’m pretty relaxed.  I love to be petted and brushed.  I’m an awesome cuddler.  I do like to jump on the couch to cuddle, but my foster parents have been working on the “off” command.  I love to curl up on my doggy bed, and it’s especially great when people join me!  I think I’ve perfected the golden nose nudge.  I walk up and put my cute soft nose right in your lap.  Did I mention I love to cuddle?  Ivan 2637

I’m not crate trained, but I’m okay staying home alone.  When you get home, I will jump up on you and give kisses.  I might try to play tug with your jacket too.  I’ll need some training to break this habit.  I do love all people though.  I know that if I go from person to person, I’ll get the most cuddles!

Since being in Portland, I’ve learned how to sit and shake.  I’m working on my self control by sitting and waiting before I get my meals.  I will definitely need more training to work on my mouthiness and jumping up.  Luckily, I’m food and toy motivated, so I should respond well.

Ivan 2637bI’m so glad to be in a new country where I can get all the love and attention I deserve.  The only thing to do now is find my furever home.  Will it be with you?


Sex: Male
Age: About 4 years
Weight: 50 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: No; Kids: 10+
Availability: Adopted