Jackson arrived at the Vancouver Airport, British Columbia directly from Shanghai on May 1st, 2017.  We had seen a picture of him, knew he was a young male looking for a foster home, and we agreed to Foster to Adopt him to join our two year old female, China.  Larry picked him up at the airport, while I stayed at home with China, in Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island.  

Well life hasn’t been the same since “Action Jackson” has joined our family!   When Larry first brought him into the house, he had an ear to ear grin, a tongue lolling out, and he was literally vibrating with excitement.  He was like a four month old wild puppy in a big adult body.   China was at first frightened of his exuberant rambunctiousness, and when we were thinking of a name that we felt suited him better than Isaac, we laughingly tossed around the possibility of Bulldozer or Dynamite, but ended up choosing Jackson, now nicknamed Action Jackson. 

We’ve been working with him diligently, mostly on how to channel all his energy into positive and enjoyable outlets.  So after starting with the first command of CALM, we’re slowly making progress modifying  his exuberance and teaching him to settle down.  Because he needs a place to run full tilt, we started taking him and China to a big, fenced in dog park a couple of times a day.  We learned he loved chasing the ball, and he quickly progressed from galloping along with the pack of other dogs who also loved chasing the ball and taking turns bringing it back. He soon started becoming very competitive, outrunning all the other dogs and getting the ball every single time.  The only part he didn’t excel at was giving the ball back.  We’re still working on that.  However he has come up with his own game of ball chasing when he discovered the squeaky ball in his toy box would just fit snugly under every couch and chair and get stuck.  Then he would spend his time scrambling his legs on the floor trying to get it out until one of us gets down and reaches under to get it for him, returns it to him so he can do it again!  Jackson’s version of fetch in reverse!  So we went hunting for an indoor ball that was too big to fit under the couch, in fact it’s so big it has a handle that fits perfectly in his mouth.  He was so proud of himself when he came back from the pet store with that in his mouth. 

He’s even taught himself a trick that he’s so proud of doing.  When the paper arrives rolled up on our driveway, the first time he saw it he went out and grabbed it and came back up to greetings of praise and a big fuss.  That’s all he needed, so fetching the paper is one of his favourite things.  He’s made lots of progress, and he and China now frequently lie together, paws touching.  They enjoy car rides and  playing together on the sandbars when the tide is out.  Jackson is a natural swimmer and loves charging out after sticks into the water.  He’s made lots of friends at the dog park, and has one special, high energy friend who waits eagerly at the fence for his arrival and the two of them spend the entire time chasing each other, wrestling, and playing together.  We don’t know what we’d do without him now and cherish everything, from his unique little Mohawk ridge of hair on the top of his head,  his many  cute expressions, his eagerness to please, and his exuberance and love of every activity he’s participated in. 

Thank you so much, Golden Bond,  for this special boy!