Our adorable goofball, Gwendolyn, joined our family in May. She was originally going to be “fostered” by us to get to know her and help her adjust after being rescued from China. Her sweet personality showed immediately and we knew that she was a good fit for our family. We decided to keep her!


She came to us lean and a little light on hair. She’d been sheared back pretty significantly, but you could still tell she was a pretty girl. Our first impression was that she was younger than her estimated 3 years. She’s very puppy-like. She didn’t appear to really understand playing. Gwennie would get over-excited and nip at us. To be clear, it wasn’t in a hostile way–just overly excited. She is much better now and still gets excited, but the nipping has subsided. She appears to have been mostly housebroken and has only had a few accidents in the house. We are more attentive to her cues and her stretches without accidents have increased.


Gwendolyn’s days consist of hanging out with us. She loves walking at the park by the library and visiting the ducks and geese. Gwennie is fantastic at riding in the car. She’s very well behaved and gets along with everyone she comes into contact with, including other dogs and children. Gwennie LOVES to run and play. She has been working with fetching with great success. She fetches and drops the ball at our feet. She is improving daily with following commands and hand signals. Additionally, Gwennie had a funny habit of crawling under the bed and working herself into a more confined space. We assumed that was her way of trying to feel safe, so we supplied her with a luxurious bed with sides on it to help her feel secure. Problem solved. She loves her bed and curls up there nightly. She loves being cuddled and spoiled. Her hair is growing back nicely and she gets compliments everywhere she goes on how pretty she is! She seems pretty happy here in her forever home and we couldn’t be happier with her!