Daisy was the best decision that I have made.  I am so in love with her, and so happy that she came all the way from China to be a part of my family.  She adjusted so fast to our routine at home, and is so smart.  From day one she has known which house is ours, and knows exactly what she needs to do to get all of the attention from everyone.

She is both a little cuddle monster and loves to play.  She loves to play with all of her friends at day camp while I am at work.  And will hoard every toy in sight when we visit my parents house.  She also loves to go on walks in the evening and she will play fetch with any toy for as long as you keep throwing it.  So far she knows how to sit, stay, down and wait.  She is super attentive when training and can’t wait to see all that she will learn.

Every night ends with bring a toy upstairs to bed, and it is the best way to end the day.  GBR – thank you so much for giving me my best friend.

Iris, now Daisy, was adopted January 18, 2017