,Hunter’s official name is now Happy Handsome Hunter Honey Snuggle Bunny!  He is an absolutely perfect, wonderful, outstanding, excellent, marvelous dog.  And, oh, by the way, he is truly awesome, too!!

Now having said all that, I do have to confess that he does have 1 major flaw – he is only two years old!  This means that he has all the traits of an idiot, happy-go-lucky, exuberant young golden!!!! (He’s not super high-energy, just normal healthy energy.)  Luckily he also turned out to be a fantastic match for my now 3-yr old golden Piper (aka Pretty Precious Pumpkin Pie Piper Puppy).  They play a lot together and are best friends.  I have had numerous pairs of goldens, but none so bonded as these two.

Hunter truly loves ALL people and this helps tremendously with our continuing socialization of Piper who is naturally timid around new people.  Piper watches Hunter go up to perfect strangers and get attention and then she is brave enough to follow.

This applies to dogs as well.  Hunter thinks every dog is great and even when a dog is somewhat aggressive to him, he play bows and just wants to interact.  These are situations, needless to say, that I closely supervise.

Between the needs of the 2 of them, I am in a pattern of walking 3 miles every morning on a walking/jogging/biking path in town that gives Piper lots of socialization opportunities and some degree of exercise for all of us.  Of course, they consider 3 miles just a warmup!!  They also get an addl 2 miles here in my housing development later in the day.  And I have a friend who has about 1 acre fenced that’s great for throwing tennis balls!!   Sure glad that hip replacement I got in Nov 2016 was a total success!

Hunter now weighs 57 pounds, a great weight for him, up from the 42 pounds he weighed when I got him.  While he is still extremely food-oriented, he stopped jumping up on counters after only about a couple of weeks.  He’s still a bit grabby with treats, but we’re still working on it.    Also, the house-training issues we had early on, have been completely gone for months now.

While Hunter LOVES walks and chasing TBs, he does not like to be out in the yard much, even if I’m out there gardening.  When I let him out to potty, he goes down, does his business and immediately wants back in.  Piper, on the other hand, frequently wants to stay out there for almost up to an hour by herself.

NOTE FROM GOLDEN BOND: The first photo, above, was taken of Hunter on his trip from the airport after he arrived from China to his next stop. Finally- he was safe.

Hunter was adopted on May 8, 2017