Sammy arrived in the States from Beijing in late spring 2017.  He fostered until July.   A great foster person, Nancy, had worked with him.  She made an excellent match between my interests and the dog’s personality.

In terms of the history we know of, Sammy had received eye surgery and neutering in China along with thorough veterinary care via Golden Bond, bringing his shots, blood work, and medical records up to date.  It was a tremendous help to receive Golden Bond’s records from their vet so we had advance notice on any issues and our vet had good reference data.  A couple of medical issues were identified.  We’ve spent the late summer and early fall taking care of those with his regular vet.

He arrived at about 75 lbs and now is a stable 80 lbs per vet advice.  We are still working on the skin itchiness and he will undergo a second eye surgery to correct an issue.  Having had Goldens, I experienced their typical issues and we were prepared for some with a rescued animal.

Sammy is very much worth our effort.  He is a handsome English cream Golden male with light, long and curly blonde fur and dark eyes.  Handsome dog.  He is estimated to be five years old via the GB vet.  His foster person called him an “old soul,” an apt description.  The dog is calm, patient, and quiet.  We couldn’t accommodate a highly active or one in need of extensive training, so he is an excellent fit.  In terms of noise, it took some time for him to demonstrate a low deep bark which he saves for the squirrels.  He comes on call.  Like most Goldens, he loves ball chasing and retrieval.  It looks like he would also like to chase the neighborhood cats but he’s good on a leash, walks on my left without pulling, and graciously waits for me as needed.  We will continue training for the basic commands like “down” to lie down.

Sammy spends a portion of his week as a therapy assistance dog in my mental health therapy practice.  He lies on his designated spot in the consulting room and generally falls asleep.  Deep, gentle snores from the dog seem to help people to calm and proceed with their work.  I feel very lucky to have this fine dog and thank the foster for matching us and Golden Bond for orchestrating what must be a highly complex process to rescue an animal from abroad.  If you haven’t donated to GBR, please do.  Doing so helps all of these volunteers to continue the work of rescue and placement of the breed.



Howdy from me, Howie (#2828).  I am cream-colored Golden Retriever from China.  My favorite pastime is retrieving balls!  I love having balls and other toys around, but I’m not very good about sharing them with other dogs.  I have been described as “possessive” so I will need to live in a home without any other dogs.  I’m okay with cats because they don’t try to steal my toys.  On the positive side, I am a “love-sponge” and I do well with adults and older children.

I have been through basic training and have great leash manners. Despite my possessiveness, I am a generally mellow fellow. I’m moderately active and like taking walks; however, I do not like going up hills – I may slow down or just stop if I decide I have had enough! I’m guess I’m really just not in to being challenged.

I have a few, minor medical issues (droopy eyelid and a few hot spots on my skin), but am overall a healthy dog. My only potentially problematic habit is that I like to eat rocks. If you’ve never tried them, you should – they are delicious!  This hasn’t created any problems with my foster family thus far, but my new family will need to watch for adverse reactions to my culinary choices. Perhaps a big box of balls will serve as a suitable substitute? I’d like to give it a try if you have a box of balls for me.

Howie was adopted June 15, 2017

Sex: Male
Age: About 5 years old
Weight: 73 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: No; Cats: Yes; Kids: Older teens
Availability: ADOPTED