Sunny B (aka Honey Bear), left us on May 30, 2019. She was 2 months shy of her 15th birthday.

She came to live with us in May 2005 at the tender age of 10 months. She was supposed to be a shy girl, and her foster parents warned us not to be disappointed if she didn’t take to us right away. Sunny B had other plans because within seconds of walking in the door; she ran across the room and leaped into my arms. It was an instant bond. The foster parents were speechless at first!

When it was time to go, she did not hesitate to jump in the car, and was truly excited to go to her forever home.

When she got there, she was greeted by a 16-year-old cat, Shiloh. Sunny instantly wanted to play, but the cat would have nothing to do with her.  But Sunny kept at it and they soon became friends. She shared everything, sometimes being overly generous.



Sunny had a smile for everyone she met. When she started going to doggie day care, it was the highlight of the start of the week day, and they loved having her.  After many years, she became the matriarch, and helped train the youngsters.

Sunny loved going to the beach, the lake, the river. And she always had to find the biggest stick!


The first time I took her to the river, she was very tentative at first, having never been in the water before (I’m guessing). She ventured out with the extendable leash on her, and pretty soon, she was racing out to the middle of the river, BUT only if she had the leash in her mouth as her safety line!

We had several squirrels who would antagonize her on the back deck. During the building of the 2nd part of the deck, with no sides up yet, she saw one and jumped off, flying through the air with the squirrel laser focused in her brain! Thank goodness, she was fine after the jump….and so was the squirrel.

Sunny was a sun dog, so her name fit well! There were many times when she was on the deck laying in the sun, or in the fall leaves staring into the sun with her eyes closed.

With her happy smile and her soft coat, everyone loved to pet and cuddle with her. She did have the “me, me, me” personality but it was her, as Our Sunshine. She will forever be missed.