Missy (Holly) is my latest foster failure.  She came to Golden Bond from Taiwan with a host of issues, and although she still has many of them she fits right in with the other Golden Bond dogs in my house.  One of the reasons I adopted her was because she’s small, around 32 lbs. and I wanted a small dog (as opposed to my 60+ pound boys).  She’s easy to have around the house, mostly, except when I’m gone and she decides to chew inappropriately.  She makes me laugh, sometimes, which is good because I don’t laugh when she’s alert barking at someone who is walking up or down my street – and they’re on the other side of the street.

She stays nice and clean looking and smell-free which is good because she certainly doesn’t like to have a bath and she really doesn’t like to have her fast-growing nails trimmed.  She never annoys visitors by jumping on them, she doesn’t want to come anywhere near them.  She does, however, bark at them.  She’s learned to walk pretty nicely on-leash.  She doesn’t try to hog attention from the other dogs; in fact, she doesn’t want any attention at all.  She will, now, mostly hop into my car when we’re going somewhere.

She’s coming around, though, and I know, given time, that she will feel more comfortable in her fur.

Holly was adopted on February 26, 2016