Herman…The Hermanator…Squir-man…Hermie… Herm…the list goes on.  We came to GBR being longtime Golden lovers and looking for a brother for our current golden, Maya.  Looking through the GBR website we saw this young, all black pup with the cutest face and personality to match – he stole our hearts.

Hi, I’m Herman and live in WA with my mom, dad and older sister, Maya.  It’s a little cold here since I arrived the day before Halloween – boy, that first night there were a lot of people ringing the doorbell at my new house, but I didn’t really care.  My sister barked enough for both of us.  Let me tell you about the first thing I discovered here – they have a dedicated closet just for food and treats.  I soon figured out that sitting in front of the door would get my mom or dad to open the door and food or treats would appear – sometimes both!  It’s the best thing, most of the time they can’t get me to leave the “food closet” – they just laugh at me and call me silly.  I’m also learning lots of new words like sit, down, stay, wait, come, go to my bed, off, drop it, outside, or other various things – I am a quick study so I have learned them all pretty fast….well, except for “out of the food closet” – I have no idea what that means.

I have a little issue with my front leg that some people notice at first, but I am not really sure what the fuss is about – I’m faster than my parents and my sister.  Stairs – they’re no big deal – I’m the first one up them at night and the first one down them in the morning, and I walk and run just like everyone else, but sometimes I am not the most graceful and I do limp a little.  My mom and dad have taken me swimming which I thought was strange at first, but there are lots of toys there and I really love swimming to fetch all the toys.  My mom says its good exercise for my leg – sounds good to me, did I mention that it’s cold here and the swimming is inside so it’s really warm.  I’ve gone four times now and my swim teacher says I’m a natural.  She also tells me I am one of her favorites…cause, well – I’m too cute.

My mom and dad took me to the beach the other day; it was a lot of fun, lots of people to say Hi to and lots of new smells.  I didn’t swim there, that water was too cold.  I also have a new bed my mom and dad bought which I sleep on when my mom works.  Sometimes it’s not big enough or sometimes I prefer to steal my sister’s so we can sleep together.

At night I sleep with my mom, dad, and sister in their big bed – it’s quite warm and cozy and my mom says I make a good cuddler but dad says I’m the biggest little dog he’s ever seen – maybe that cause I take up the whole middle part and weigh only 38 pounds.

Well, got to go – Hasta la Vista – Herman, Brian, Sue, and Maya

Hi everybody! I’m Herman (#2898) and I was rescued  from a slaughterhouse in Taiwan so you can imagine I had a pretty awful life there.  I’m so glad Golden Bond rescued me and got me to the USA.    People think I might be part Retriever and maybe part Shar Pei–we don’t really know, but my foster mom says I’m one hundred percent happy, happy dog.

I’ve got a couple of funky things going on with one of my paws and one leg.  First off, one of my front paws sort of looks like a lobster claw….hey it is covered with fur but is deformed and really does look like a lobster claw!!! I guess that makes me special because how many other dogs can say that!!!???   Also I have something called angular limb deformity which makes that same leg a little shorter than the other. But neither of these deformities has slowed me down in the least.  And my vet says I’m good to go to a new home and live a full and happy life.

When I walk around, I limp or hop, but my deformities don’t bother me at all.  I sort of do a thump, thump, thump when I walk-hop, which my foster mom says is pretty fun to hear. But boy, when I run, I look just like any other dog.  So yep, I’ve learned to live and thrive with my disabilities.  So enough of that . . . just wanted to get that out of the way first thing.

I love toys of all kinds.  I really love stuffed toys especially those that make a squeaky or a rattle noise and I don’t chew them up at all–you should see me chase them!  I also love balls, Kongs and Nyla bones. Like I said,  I love toys and I can take them out of the toy box as fast as my foster mom puts them back in…she just sighs and then laughs at me big time because I’m so darn cute.

I’ve learned that dog beds are the best and so comfy.  I don’t mind being in my crate, although I’ll bark a bit when you first leave the house.  But at night I go into my crate all by myself to settle in.

I love car rides and going for walks. On walks, I’m pretty curious about all the new smells and with my walk-hop gait  I can get a little all over the place.  I’m getting better every day, but I will need some patience to work with me on getting perfect.  But I never pull and am just happy to be out and about. You need to know I’ll never be a dog who can be a long distance walking or hiking partner and for sure not a jogging partner.

I love other dogs.  I live with a sister dog and I wish she would play with me more.  Even when she won’t play with me, I’m quite content to just play by myself with toys and balls. Not sure how I would be with cats, but I’ve seen squirrels and I don’t even care about chasing them at all so I might be A-OK with them.  I’d probably do well with a little older or dog savvy  kids as I’m still sort of a puppy at heart , but I’m also very calm.

I’ve never chewed up any people things but I do try to counter crawl but only to see what’s up there !  I don’t jump up on people…although I try to jump…I mostly just jump up and then dance on my back legs to let you know I want to see you…but I never put my paws on you.  My foster mom says it’s pretty cute to see.

I have a great appetite and the vet says I could gain a few pounds, but hopefully mostly muscle to help build up my legs.   In fact I have such a great appetite, I almost inhale my food, but I’m learning to slow down a bit.  I used to take treats like I was an alligator, but my foster mom has taught me I have to take them nice, and now I am a perfect gentleman taking treats.

I’ve learned to sit really well–except when I get way excited about going on walks and then I start to bounce all over the place– so I’m still working on that!! My foster mom says I’m really smart and that I understand what come, NO and sit are pretty well most of the time.  So I’ll probably learn lots of other commands and maybe even some tricks.

Even as a little older puppy, and with my deformities, I might just make a very good therapy dog as I love people and my foster mom thinks I am a very sensitive dog, am very calm most of the time and have great empathy for all things.

Nope, as you can see, I’m not a pure Golden, but my foster mom says I have a Golden heart. My foster mom says that whoever adopts me is going to win the dog lottery.  Could it be you?

Notes from foster Mom:  Herman is one of the happiest, cutest little fosters I’ve ever had.  Although he’s young, he is very calm.  Is he sort of gimp?–you bet.  Do his deformities hold him back or bother him?–not one bit. He came from a very awful life in Taiwan, covered almost entirely with mange when rescued from the slaughterhouse (see photo below), but he obviously doesn’t care or remember as he is just so happy to be in a good place now.  This little guy is just one very happy camper looking for his forever home.   As his foster Mom, I want him to go to a family who not only embraces his disabilities and his determination but is proud to show him off.  This is one very special cool dog.

Herman was adopted October 28, 2017


Sex: Male
Age: Approximately 1 year old
Weight: 35 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Probably; Children: 10+
Availability: Now