Hi!  I’m Harry (#2829).  I like to think of myself as a good-natured, handsome dog, all male and all Golden. The vet thinks I am about 8 years old, but I act much younger; people sometimes think I’m a puppy. I have got a sweet heart and am very loving, but I’m a survivor of some rough conditions. I have a lot of skills that were useful in my old life but aren’t appropriate for my new one, and I have got a lot to learn (or so I’m told). For example, I had no idea that the sounds people make have anything to do with me. Once I started figuring that out, I picked up “sit” really fast, and I’m learning my name. “Come” and “off” are trickier because I’m very curious, and very independent. I’m very confident; in fact, some would call me bossy. My confidence and curiosity can be a good thing; I love new situations and new people. I’m an adventure dog, and I haven’t found anything I’m afraid of, including the vacuum. All of that makes me challenging to control. I’ve only been neutered for a very short time, and will probably continue to relax.

I am very strong, but not hyper, and am quiet in the house. I like 20-30 minute walks, and don’t need a big yard. I’m getting better on the leash, but I’m obviously tolerating it and can get impatient when I’m not moving; I’ve chewed through leashes while waiting in the car and at an outdoor café. When I meet people, I want to stand up and hug them, and I will grab at their keys, purses, or any dangling clothing. I’ve got great bite inhibition and my fosters can safely put their hands in his mouth to take things (including chicken bones), but they have to pry my jaws open to release the items. I love novelty; my old toys are not interesting, although I will play with my ball when I need something to chew on, and will fetch a couple of times before I get bored. I like to put my paws up and hunt the counter and table tops for potential toys, although I do not usually take food. I have no resource guarding issues or separation anxiety, and bark only very rarely; I do not bark at people who come to the door and am always happy to meet them. I am easy to bathe; I just sit in the tub and let my humans work on me.

I love car rides and will try to jump in any open door. I’ve been on a 4-hour road trip and did fine. Although I don’t always like new dogs, especially when they walk right up to me, I have been fine when introduced carefully, and had a great time on a two-day vacation with a setter and a Scottie. I’m great with other species; I am interested but not aggressive. I don’t chase squirrels, and am friends with the neighbors’ chickens. I ignore my adult cats. My kitten is in love with me and likes to sit on me and play with my face and lick my nose; I have given a low growl a couple of times when she bit my paws but never made a move to hurt her.

I am mostly housebroken, although I have lifted my leg on the cat box. I am not crate-trained, and I sleep on a dog bed at night. I will get on furniture. My health is generally good, although I am working on getting a very itchy skin condition under control; I have no mobility issues. The vet says that I have early indicators of cataracts, but my vision is currently good. My teeth are in good shape, although I need a cleaning; I do have some wear on the bottom that is probably from chewing on rocks and metal. (Please don’t judge.) My coat was completely matted when I got to the shelter in China, and I was shaved to the skin (except for my face and a pompom on my tail). My fur is growing back a gorgeous copper-red.

I am good with kids who are big enough not to be knocked over by me (12 years old or so). Children should be comfortable getting me to release things I shouldn’t have, and be taught how to introduce their friends to me . I am “a lot of dog”, and will need continued training to learn good manners.  I will do well with one person or a family, as long as they are willing to be firm and loving with me.

Adoption Fee: $600 + $35 microchip fee
Harry is being fostered in the Portland, OR area


Sex: Male
Age: 5 - 7 years old
Weight: 71 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes Cats: Yes; Kids: Over 12
Availability: Now