Harriet (now Phryne) arrived in Portland on June 7th, having flown in from China.  She left 6 pups behind in China (who, thanks to GBR, now have wonderful homes here in the US).  She came to me through the foster to adopt program.  I knew the minute I saw her, that no matter what…she was mine forever!

She had just weaned her pups when she got here, so she was thin and her coat was like straw.  The first couple of weeks, she just slept, ate and took short walks around the block.  The puppies, travel, and a tough life had worn her down.  Over time, she began to blossom.  Each day, her energy increased and she began to enjoy playing with toys, balls and even had some “zoomies”.  We took increasingly longer walks as her stamina increased.  Now, I think it is fair to say that she’s a very healthy, happy dog.

From the day she arrived, she never gave my senior cat a worry.  Just recently, I was in the process of feeding the two of them (I put their dishes down in different rooms as Phryne thinks cat food is a delicacy).  My cat decided it was time to see what Phryne was eating and stuck his head in her bowl…she moved over and gave him space to take some!  She doesn’t have an aggressive bone in her body!  She also loves other dogs and people, often preferring people over dogs.  She is amazingly gentle.

We’ve taken the Beginner Obedience class which was a breeze for her.  Intermediate is next on our agenda.  The only challenge we’ve had beyond what I would expect of any stateside pup is her fear of television.  We have met with a behaviorist and are slowly getting her more and more comfortable with TV.  I sometimes think the universe was trying to tell me I needed to be reading more instead of watching tv….Oh, and….She also is very artistic…and her medium is paper.  Given the opportunity, she will create a masterpiece!


When we are out and about, I often get comments on how pretty she is and questions as to who my breeder is.  When I tell them her story, they say how lucky she is to have made it to the U.S and into a loving home.  I agree with them, but add that I think I am the most fortunate, as I have the best dog ever!

Phryne was adopted June 28, 2017