We are delighted to introduce Elsie, one of the many success stories through Golden Bond Rescue.  We adopted Elsie in July after meeting her for the first time straight off a flight from China. She was a foster-to-adopt girl, but from the beginning we knew she would be ours forever.

We have raised 11 puppies in our adult years and found this little bundle of energy to be the most adventurous. Elsie has no fear and we attribute that to the bravery needed during her transition from her former surroundings to her new home.

Elsie’s personality is as bright as her energy level. She loves playing with dogs of all ages and sizes but also loves her snuggle time with her humans. She is also a sharp learner, mastered puppy training 101, and is on to more advanced training to channel her enthusiasm.

Like most Goldens, Elsie does not feel complete without something in her mouth. Fortunately for her, there are always stuffed and hard toys available to chew on or carry around. Teaching through the chewing phase brings back reminders of puppies past and replaceable items lost, fortunately this is only a phase and easily redirected with enticing toys.

Recently we had the pleasure of dog sitting another China puppy, as you can see by the picture they got along great and developed a sweet friendship.

From the moment we met Elsie, she melted our hearts and embedded her special spirit into our life. We admit, training a puppy has not been easy but we absolutely adore our girl and can’t imagine what we would be missing with her. Watch for future updates on this amazing girl and the significant contribution she will make in other people’s life.

Harmony was adopted on August 7, 2017