Can’t tell you how much we love Hank (Hankie) and appreciate all you did to make him “happen.”  Certainly it must be difficult to invest so much time, energy and emotional cost to find the sweet pea vanish in one day and know that he lives 4 hours away.  His transition has been as smooth as glass and he seems very happy to have companionship 24/7 (Doug is retired) and a forest to run in.  He and his sister, Misty, are the center of our lives.

He lives to have his new (welcome gift) slobber ball in his mouth at all times –even on his runs–and is comfortable, happy, interactive and loving.  He is so even tempered and happy all the time!

He goes on rhino runs for 1 mile twice daily.  He is always about 50-75 feet ahead of us and knows the route well.  He is a very fast learner.  As you attested to, he loves riding in vehicles and recently rode (joy riding) with me for ONE HOUR in the rhino with the tow-behind mower

I’m attaching some photos taken over the past 2 months (today) that we’ve had him.  It’s like he’s always lived here.  He and our other rescue (German Shepherd Misty) are starting to play and interact together.

Thanks again for all you’ve done–making the world a better place for these dogs that have had such a difficult past.

Hank was adopted on June 30, 2015.

Hank’s Available Story:

HankHi friends, I’m Hank (#2556) and I’m somewhere between 5 and 7 years old. I used to live in Taiwan, where I didn’t get enough food or exercise.  But that didn’t bother me; I’m just a happy boy.  I love meeting people and exploring new things.  Other dogs are interesting, but I have some dominance issues, so I need to meet them slowly, especially other large males.  I went to a friend’s house and became buddies with a female lab mix, so it really depends on the other dog.

I’ll be honest with you, I have some challenges.  I have some funky hip issues that the doctors are monitoring and treating with some medications.  I’ve lived with these weird hips for so long that they don’t bother me.  I still run, jump, and climb hills and stairs just fine.  My muscles have been getting stronger as I’ve been getting regular walks too!  I’m housebroken, but I had a few mishaps when I first came to my foster home.  I tend to get excited and forget that I need to pee when I go outside.  A strict schedule and reminders that I need to go have gotten that all sorted out.  I’m very mouthy.  I love to test everything out with my mouth, whether it’s toys, shoes on your feet, plants, or your shirt sleeve.  I don’t bite down, I just taste it.  This is something my foster parents are working on with me, using the command “gentle” and getting me to lick things rather than put my whole mouth around them.  I’m a beggar.  My nose will be on your leg any time you are in the kitchen and whenever you are eating.  Just don’t give in to my puppy dog eyes and I eventually give up.Hank a

Now that I have those out of the way, let me tell you how I am amazing.  I love love love car rides.  I always want to go in the garage and check if the car is open for a ride.  I hang out in the back and look out the windows.  There’s always something new to see!  I also love walks.  I jump for joy when I see my leash, and snort with excitement.  Once we are out the door, I walk nicely, only pulling when there is someone really exciting to check out.  I am also pretty good at untangling my leash from signposts or my feet!  I do well with two walks a day, but because of my hips, they are currently limited to about half an hour each.  I can do some light jogging, but walks are really better.  As I get stronger, I will probably be able to manage more.  At home, I always have a toy in my mouth.  They help calm me down, almost like a baby and a pacifier!  I am not too destructive with my toys, I just like to hold them and chew.  I am a little possessive of them though, always keeping them together so I can find them easily.  As far as training goes, I know “no” and “sit.”  I am learning to stay/wait for my food dish rather than diving right in.  I don’t go on the furniture, but I love to cuddle in your lap.  I am just a happy guy who wants all of your love!

Sex: Male
Age: 5 - 7 years
Weight: 66 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Some; Cats: Maybe; Kids: 10+
Availability: Adopted