Handsome #2608


I was fortunate to have adopted Handsome, a Golden from Taiwan.(They named him Handsome,  but I changed it to Tyler.) Tyler was the most wonderful loving dog. I did love him so much, and he knew that. My day was centered around him. We played with all his stuffed animals, went for numerous walks every day, went to the field to chase balls,etc.  He loved riding in the car. He would always sit up and look at everything we passed by.

He had so many adult and children friends. Everyone just loved him. He also had another Golden friend. They were like brothers. They would take each others toys and play tug of war.


Every day was a fun day with Tyler. He knew exactly when it was 5pm and time for dinner. He would march into the living room and directed me to get his food. When  he decided that it was time to pay attention to him, he would grab one of his many stuffed animals, go to the center of the room and start swinging the animal around his head. He was so lovable and sweet.  He brought such joy to my life. Thank you so much for allowing me to give my love and attention to this fabulous dog.