After my beloved service dog Tess died in November, 2016, I fostered three wonderful Golden Bond dogs until they found homes. When I was ready to adopt, I knew I wanted a China rescue dog. I wasn’t sure about a puppy, but I’m so glad I made that choice. Jesse (nee Gypsy) was 6 months old when she arrived from Shanghai in September, 2017. She didn’t know how to climb stairs or ride in a car; she’d never seen a cat or sat on a sofa; but she approaches all challenges with a willing spirit and a joyful heart, and she’s completely adapted to life in a multilevel, multipet city home.

She lights up with good will toward all. She often comes to work with me (yay Reed College!) and students frequently stop by my office just to say hi to her and get some unconditional positive regard. She’s well known at dog parks as someone who will romp and chase the big dogs, or lie down to play with little ones. She loves car rides, because they mean adventures (watching her play in the river is well worth a bath when we get home). And she’s adored by the kitten, who’s a couple of months younger than she is.

I’m still fostering a Golden Bond street dog from Taiwan, who is very sweet but frightened of people, and Jesse has provided her with positive socialization and helped build her confidence. Jesse is smart, and learns so quickly that training is a delight. She’ll be a wonderful service dog when she’s old enough, and my dear companion for the rest of her life. I’m so grateful to the Chinese rescuers and Golden Bond for giving new lives to all these good dogs.

Meet Gypsy (#2863).  Gypsy arrived in the US from China on September 15th.  Gypsy’s birthdate is March 6, 2017, making her a Pieces born in the year of the Rooster.  Based on Gypsy’s outgoing and loving personality, this must be a very good combination of Western and Chinese zodiacs.

Gypsy is a beautiful girl.  She is presently spending her days and nights helping her extremely shy and fearful Taiwanese foster sister adjust to living around loving, caring humans.

Gypsy looks forward to finding a family to call her own soon.

Gypsy was adopted by her foster family on October 8, 2017

Sex: Female
Age: 7 months old
Weight: TBD
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown: Kids: Unknown
Availability: About October 1, 2017