Griffin #2810

Hey everybody! I’m Griffin (#2810). When Harry Potter was at Hogwart’s, he was in the Gryffindorf house whose virtues were bravery and courage. I wonder if I was named Griffin to emulate the bravery and courage of those young people in the Gryffindorf house because I’ve gone through of a lot of things in my short life. I’ve shown a lot of courage and bravery living in the horrible conditions I came from in China, but that’s okay because I’m here in the USA in a great foster home and am now looking for a great new fur-ever home.   I’m a very handsome boy with a beautiful, soft gold coat.  My USA vet thinks I’m about three years old.  I’m a pretty easygoing dog . . . well, that’s unless I meet new people or another dog, then I get very excited.  My foster mom says I need to work on being calmer when meeting others.

My USA vet thinks I had distemper as a puppy which caused my teeth to decay badly; I have lost twelve of them so far. My mouth feels so much better now and I really don’t have any problems eating now that my gums are healed — I even eat crunchy things!  Unfortunately, my previous medical problem might also have caused the wobble which makes my head shake slightly from time to time.   My foster mom says it is actually sort of endearing . . . and since I’ve been here she says she hardly notices it at all anymore.   I am proof of great bravery and courage because I survived that horrible disease.  Yeah for me!!!

I’ve learned what a dog bed is and I love ’em!   Wow!  They are so soft and wonderful. I also love sleeping in my crate; I don’t mind being in there  — I think of it as my man cave. If I hear a really loud noise that scares me, I will run to my man cave for security.

I live with my foster mom’s two other dogs and we get along great, but they don’t really like to play. I’ve had play dates with other dogs, though, and loved it.  So fun!

I’m not a Velcro dog.  I’m happy to be off by myself in another room just chilling out.  I also love to be where my foster mom is but I’m not pushy about it.  I just settle and am happy to have her nearby. Sometimes I come for pets when she is sitting down and I will try to be a little mouthy with her.  Well, that’s ONLY if she is sitting down AND she has a free hand AND it isn’t petting me. Otherwise, if I have a ball, toy or chew bone in my mouth, I just come for pets without being mouthy. I’ve learned that being mouthy isn’t a good thing.

I don’t dig or try to chew up things at all — not even soft dog toys. I can be a counter crawler, but only out of curiosity.  I’ve never tried to steal anything off the counter.  That’s rude.

I like to chase a ball and will bring it back but I’m still learning this thing called “drop” so my foster mom holds a second ball to throw to get me to drop the one in my mouth.

I love going on walks but I pull a bit.   So my foster mom says I will need more leash training.  Even though I pull, my foster mom says at least I don’t do the “rip your arm out of your socket” type pulling, whatever that means.

I jumped up on people a lot the first few days I was here but then after several days I pretty much stopped doing that.  I learned jumping on people, like being mouthy, is not a good thing.  I have learned to “sit” very well.  Again, yeah for me!

Oh, a couple of other things: I love to ride in the car and I am a good traveler. Also, I don’t know how I would be around cats. I have not been around kids, but I’m pretty easygoing so I’d probably do fine with older ones after I got past the initial excitement of meeting them.

Whew!  I’ve just had so many new things to learn since being here but my foster mom says I’ve been a good student and am doing well with my lessons!!  Gold star treats for me?!?

Foster mom says I’m a great dog and I’m ready to find my new fur-ever home.  Could it be with you?

Notes from foster mom:   Griffin calm, easygoing, settles nicely, learns quickly and wants to please but he does get very excited when he meets new people and dogs.  He is food motivated.   He loves play dates with other dogs and does really well playing appropriately. He needs more work on his leash, but he is just one great dog overall and will make a great companion for some lucky family.  Griffin is a happy guy who is just loving life without fear anymore.  I would suggest he be in a one dog home or a home with an older dog as he loves being the center of attention with his owner.  If you’re looking for a love sponge, this guy is for you!

Griffin was adopted August 9, 2017

Sex: Male
Age: About 3 years old
Weight: 56 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: 10+
Availability: Now