We are sad to report the death of Gracie, our sweet, sweet golden girl. Gracie was 13.5 years old. She was aging gracefully, and we had hoped she would set our own personal record for golden longevity by making it to 14 years. Gracie came to us from GBR when she was 10, accompanied by her life-long companion, Gus, a slightly older springer spaniel. Gracie was very much your typical olden golden, but life with a springer spaniel was a new experience for us. What a personality difference! Gracie was the mellow half of the pair and when Gus died of cancer, GBR came to our rescue with a younger golden brother Bentley (formerly Jeeves) to keep her company. Bentley quickly conceded Gracie was the boss and the duo got along great.

Gracie loved being an office dog, getting abundant love, attention, (and probably way too many treats) from a dozen of her people every day. White around the face, and a little stiff in the joints, she nevertheless insisted on daily walks through the woods and no one could watch a clock for meal times the way Gracie could! She never showed any signs of pain that a little Rimadyl couldn’t fix and no distress, but she died quite suddenly one morning, leaving a big hole in our hearts. As with many goldens, her two favorite places in the world were the sofa and the beach. She wasn’t much of a swimmer but never tired of walking, running, digging, and rolling in the sand.

Gracie 1, 1-16

Gracie, a 10-year-old golden girl and her long time buddy Gus, an English springer spaniel, have found their furever home! This spry pair had been together for over a decade and wanted very much to stay that way. Gracie is a petite, dark golden gal who has all of the best golden retriever traits—sweet, loyal, playful, and smart, but she has her quirks. For example, sometimes Gracie will run up the

stairs—no problem—but will immediately turn around and head back down, only to sit at the foot of the stairs while everyone else is at the top, and no amount of coaxing will change her mind.

We are thrilled to have this healthy, happy, low-maintenance, and high-love pair in our home.


Gracie’s Available Story:

Hi everyone. My name is Gracie (#2615) and I am a Golden Retriever.  My brother-by-a-different-mother, best friend and former hunting companion, however, is not a Golden Retriever.  He is an English Spaniel, but that’s okay – he’s a great dog and every bit as lovable as I am.  (Hard to believe, but it’s true.)  I am ten years old and my brother Gus is eleven years old.  I’m telling you about Gus right up front because we’ve been together our whole lives and we want to stay together for whatever time we have left, which we’re hoping is a very long time.

Well, now that I’ve told you a little bit about Gus, I’m going to tell you more about me. (Gus can tell you about himself in his own profile.)  I am an active girl and most people I’ve met think I’m younger than I am.  I’m not currently on any medications, have no known allergies and I can jump in the car without any assistance (though I may be a little hesitant to jump in right away for reasons I won’t disclose).  I can be trusted at home alone for fairly long periods of time if you need to go someplace that Gus and I can’t go.  When you get home, I won’t care that you’ve been gone – I will be so excited to see you that it’ll show all over my wrinkly-nosed smiling face.  You won’t doubt for a minute that I missed you and that I’m glad you’re with me again.

I love to play outdoors. Exploring nature, especially the woods, is one of my favorite activities.  (I was a hunting dog before I retired so this is to be expected.)  I need a family that will allow me to be beside them when they are home, but will also take me out for frequent adventures.  There is really only one thing about me that you may not love:  I tend to pull on my leash.  I’m sure with more guidance and experience, I can overcome the pulling.

If you can make room in your heart and your home for me and Gus, we’ll fill your space with love and appreciation.

Gracie was adopted (with Gus #2616) on January 16, 2016.

Sex: Female
Age: 10 years
Weight: 70 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: 10+
Availability: Adopted