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Our beloved, cherished Golden, Gracie, passed away on October 25….we lost a beautiful, loving, sweet companion….she was such a gentle soul….Gracie was a delight to all those who knew and loved her.  We were so blessed to have had Gracie in our lives for over 11 years….she will always be in our hearts…..thank you Golden Bond and Erin Maunu……we couldn’t have loved or cherished her more than we did!!!!!

Adopted July 10, 2005

Gracie #1207Gracie (#1207) found her forever home with Linda and Bob and is now the resident Golden in Oregon City with 5 acres of land to run on. She is joining the family cat who is still not too sure about this large animal in her house. Linda is a Personal Trainer, so Gracie is going to have all the required physical exercise to rebuild her muscles and a few extra, just for fun. Bob is in sales and Gracie is going to be spending time with him in the truck on the road. She is definitely going to be having plenty of people time. Gracie was a model patient so both hips have healed up perfectly, and Dr. Munjar could not be happier with her progress. Now all she needs is muscles in those cute little hips of hers. A big thank you goes out to all who donated to Gracie’s hip surgeries. She is going to be as normal as possible and pain free. Good luck Gracie. Your foster parents are going to be checking on you.

Gracie’s Story

Gracie #1207May 9, 2005

Golden Bond Rescue would like to introduce you to Gracie (#1207), our most recent rescue with hip dysplasia.

Gracie is a nine month old female from a breeder in Battle Ground, WA. The owners had her just five months when they realized she had a problem and had her hips x-rayed. They found out she had hip dysplasia. When they heard this diagnosis, they called Golden Bond to see if we would take her in, as they could not afford to help her.

We brought Gracie in on April 22, 2005 and since then have had her spayed and updated on all her shots. On May 4th, Gracie had her first visit to the Veterinary Referral Center of Portland to see Dr. Tim Munjar for her exam. After looking at the x-rays and examing her, we were told that both hips are bad and she needs bilateral, triple pelvic osteotomies. This is where the pelvic bone is cut in three places and repositioned so the sockets will fit over and capture the ball on the top of the femur.

Gracie #1207We are fortunate that the sockets themselves are fine and there is no arthritis in the joints, so she is an excellent candidate for this TPO surgery. We are also fortunate in that Dr. Munjar’s surgery date of Tuesday, May 10, 2005 is open. Gracie’s first hip will be done with a recovery of six to eight weeks before the second hip can be done. Gracie needs to be able to support herself on this leg before having the operation on the other. She will also need therapy to build up the muscles and strength in both legs. The closest we can figure is that she could be in foster care as long as five to six months.

The total bill for both hips will be between $4,300 to $4,700. Once both hips are operated on and healed, she will be good as new.

Gracie #1207Golden Bond is happy to be able to help Gracie as she is everything one would want in a Golden. She is good with people, including children, dogs and cats. She is affectionate and well mannered and quite anxious to please. Gracie is a wonderful dog with a very sweet, friendly and playful personality. She will bring a lot of wonderful qualities to her new forever family when she is ready to be adopted.

We hope you will check in with our Gracie as her story unfolds and if you can help with her costs, we will put the money directly into the Gracie Fund.

May 12, 2005: Gracie Has Her First Surgery

Gracie came home on Wednesday, May 11. She is doing well and resting comfortably. She seems to be glad to be home, although she wonders why she needs to stay in that “cage”. She needs to be kept very quiet and still for the next 2-3 weeks so her bones have time to heal. Dr. Munjar says we will take x-rays at her follow-up appointment and then, depending on how she is doing, schedule her for her second hip. She is quite a trooper, she has been eating well and whining a lot. I think the whining has more to do with being in the cage alone than it has to do with pain. She really does seem comfortable.

She sends a great big thank you to everyone who has sent in donations. She is already using her left foot pretty consistently. Her hip feels fine, I think her muscles hurt from the cutting, but she feels strong. It won’t be long until she is running around like the regular puppy she was only without the pain.

June 7, 2005: Gracie Has Her Second Surgery

Gracie had her second hip surgery on June 7 and she is now home and doing quite well. Dr. Munjar is very pleased with her progress. He was able to get a really good x-ray of her second hip while she was asleep for the second hip and says everything is doing great and looking good. Gracie moves quite well on both legs now and she seems happy to be home. She still tires easily and is happy to be in her pen. She gets to wear the “stupid lamp shade” again as we do not want her to lick out the sutures (again). She has another appointment in 2 weeks for suture removal and quick x-ray of the second hip. She will by 6 weeks out from the first hip and almost ready for adoption. Gracie is as sweet as they come and has been absolutely no trouble at all through the entire process, except for getting her in the car because she lays down and rolls over onto her back. That makes it very hard to pick her up. Oh well. If that is the most of my trouble, so be it.

June 29, 2005: Gracie Doing Well After Second Surgery

Gracie #1207Gracie has a check-up with Dr. Munjar and is doing very well.